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Why all my friends need to do NaBloPoMo with me November 1, 2010

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For those of you who follow me on Twitter, y’all know I have been trying to convince just about everyone to do these events with me.  Last year I was one of the people that needed to get convinced to do them… and this year I’m the one doing the convincing.

So far I have managed to convince one of my wonderful ladies to get involved.

Click here to read her blog & show your support.

Tell her I sent you.

So… I think I should just broadcast my camaraderie plea on my blog… because now I can refer people to the appropriate link as to why doing NaBloPoMo is what they need to do with their blog.

Let me address the most common issues…

And refute them because wordpress solves all of them.


  1. National Blog Posting Month just requires that you write on your blog every day.  They don’t police you or anything, so it doesn’t matter how much or how little you write.  In fact, this year they are even letting you do “wordless weekends.”  This then allows you to just post up a picture for a day and let it do the talking for you.  After all, aren’t pictures supposed to be worth a thousand words?
  2. It will really benefit not only your writing but also your blog.  The more often you blog and set categories to your blog, the more visible it becomes on the wordpress platform itself.  If you wish to increase traffic and keep people returning to your blog for little snippets of insight, you need to give them something new to see on their daily visits.  Not to mention that when you sign up on the NaBloPoMo site, you add yourself to a blogroll.  This will allow a whole new demographic to have access to your blog.  Plus with the use of social media sites such as Twitter and FaceBook, you can really get things out there for people to come see.  Like I said… If you write it, they will come.
  3. But sometimes we can’t always sit in front of our computers and blog.  I get that.  It happens to me.  However, wordpress has an application for both blackberry and iphone.  I have the one for my blackberry and it’s super easy to use to get things blogged in a quick and easy fashion.  There is also the option to send your blog entries through email to a personal address meant just for your blog.  Not to mention, though I have not tried it out… and I hope it still works because I might have to use it this month… you can call in a number, you blog has like an extension number, and you can leave voice notes on your blog.  How cool is that?  It REALLY makes blogging on the go really simple.
  4. It’s still early!  You can start today and keep it going for the rest of the month.  Even if you get this late, I promise you I won’t tell anyone (as long as you don’t tell anyone) that you can edit the time stamps on your blog entries to say that it was really today when you wrote it tomorrow.  Just be sure you blog another one for tomorrow and problem solved!  But I promise to leave little reminders or tweets before the day is over to see if you can churn out your entry in case you forget or fall behind.
  5. And finally…. my last reason…. Don’t you love me?  Come on… we never do fun group stuff anymore!  In the past year we have gotten even more far-flung across the globe and this is not only a way to see what is going on with one another but feel like we’re a group doing it.  Please…. pretty please?

There you have it!  My top FIVE reasons as to why all my friends with blogs need to do NaBloPoMo this month.

Join me!

Let me know if you’re doing it.

I’ll use what little influence I have to get others to go read what you write too.



3 Responses to “Why all my friends need to do NaBloPoMo with me”

  1. Oh! We just discovered that Android has a wordpress application too! So I just convinced scizor1 to do #NaBloPoMo with me. He’s downloading the app as we speak. 😀

  2. Mike Says:

    Saw you via twitter and nanowrimo – might as well try this too
    Mike aka ravensviewca

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