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Mom’s Birthday November 2, 2010

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Looking back over my blog, I can pretty much see where there was a clear date (clear to me, anyway) as to when I stopped blogging.  But now that I am coming back from my own little world, I can go back and show people what it is that I did during that time.  Albeit, I might not have much to say after all when I really think about it.

Before I get thinking done that train of thought, I will post up about my mother’s birthday back in August.

You see, you have to understand that the bombshell mother really does not care for her birthday.  She never cares much for any event that one is forced to smile prettily while getting gifts from the people in her life… where the gifts seem to hold no real reflection of who she is and what she would like.  Lately, as in the last few years, I have been able to really come into the right process when it comes to gift buying for her.

I will just ask her what she wants.

Then delegate her wish list to everyone buying her something.

This comes in handy for Christmas especially.  Or maybe it’s a curse because when she refuses to tell me what she wants and I’m drawing blanks, I still have to pull out amazing ideas and suggestions out of thin air for everyone.

This birthday had been one of those times.

However, with a whole lot of help from my international loved ones, we were able to get her something she very much loved and uses every single day… even now, months later.

So this is how it went down…

Rack garden

My mother loves roses and the color red, so it was natural that I would want to pipe some out to use to decorate her cake.

Chocolate cake with chocolate pieces in it

My mother wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing, with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate ice cream on the side.

death by chocolate

So I delivered. It was a nutella meringue w/ cookie chunks blended in and chocolate cake w/ chocolate sprinkles, all doused with chocolate hardshell and royal icing roses.

funny face

Then mom was showered with gifts... first was this purse. I think the look on her face says it all. But she got some money too, so she was able to bring out a real smile shortly after this shot was taken.

Just for the camera


Gifts from tio

Then she got some random gifts from her brother... which included some blouses, a cheese grater, a mortar and a battery operated electrified fly swatter. lol Told you they were random.

A fan from S. Korea

Mom was happy when she thought her darling children in S. Korea had just sent her this lovely fan. A fan so lovely the bombshell considered keeping it all to herself and telling no one. (read: *hint hint* excellent gift choice for the upcoming holidays)

Electro massager thingy

Then she got this cool electro impulse massager thing that she loved with the slippers to help with the circulation of her feet.


But the piece de resistance was this! lol Don't worry, not even she knew this was coming.

It's the B&N nook e-reader! She was surprised and delighted! Of course the bombshell ensured that it had a gorgeous decal and pretty case to carry it in.

You see, I spent about 2 weeks coordinating with my brother and sister in law on just which e-reader they should buy my mother.  They felt the same way as I did.  My mother always gives us such wonderful gifts and we always feel like we fall a little short.  Some times we get it right but more often than not, its a miss and it sort of deflates the event for us.  Even with the e-reader I had been afraid that she would not be happy with the choice we made for her.  In the end, she feels its just perfect for her and is very happy with it.  No real complaints so far.

Except maybe from me.

Since she won’t let me use it.


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  1. luskca Says:

    yeah, we need to start coordinating for xman now. whew.

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