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How begging worked November 3, 2010

Filed under: NaBloPoMo — bombshellwithin @ 6:16 AM

Can you believe it?

On the first day of this month I wrote the five reasons why my friends needed to participate in NaBloPoMo with me and IT WORKED!

I didn’t believe it would work.

I sort of thought that people would chuckle over my post.

And then not do anything about it.

But seems I underestimated people.

So, for easy access, I’m listing those of my fellow friend bloggers who have decided to take on the challenge with me:

Zarishi: A swirling mass of contradictions

Scizor: Domain of the mini-blondes

Myrla Cat: Gain the day

Luskca: Stellar Gravity

I even inspired someone I hadn’t even met to do the challenge too!  How cool is that.  So meet my new found blogging friend:

Raven’s View


One Response to “How begging worked”

  1. zarishi Says:

    If you would have gotten Charlie too, I would have called you the miracle worker! XD

    This is going to be Fun!

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