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Time release Bombshell November 4, 2010

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Back in May 2008 I did a series of posts about my good friend who I titled #6 when she requested that I give her some help and pointers through a period of self transformation.  We spent days talking and several days shopping.  It was so much fun and at the end of it all, we moved on as friends do.  Since I moved back to my home town, we have not had as much contact as we would have liked.  Sometimes we’ve chatted and she has sought me for advice, but it had been months, if not a year, since I saw her last.

This past Monday I visited with scizor as an early birthday celebration and when #6 heard I was around, she hurried over to have dinner with us and share in the fun.  I have to say, I was happy to see that my influence had rubbed off on her more than I ever knew.

Amanda's beauty shot

She told me so herself!

How proud was I to hear that since then, she really has felt she has blossomed.  It took a bit to find her passions and her strive but unmistakably, it’s all for the better.  I mean, she was gushing about heels and shoes!  She was talking about her array of make-up and how she needed to get more make-up remover from me.

That seems to be the way of it, though.

All me lessons are imparted in a concentrated way in a short period of time.  The rules are laid out and suggestions get made.  Then… I release my subjects out into the world to do their own thing.  They later report that it takes about 18 months for them to truly see the wisdom of my worlds and incorporate them into what they do and think about themselves for the better.

I’m just happy that they feel that I made them appreciate themselves a little more.

It’s not all about beauty and clothes.

Although they do help!

Sometimes it just takes a change of attitude.

And who has better personal attitude than a bombshell?


One Response to “Time release Bombshell”

  1. zarishi Says:

    Wow, #6 Looks great in that pic and those colors! I am surprise its not so much black anymore, which is a great change… she looks amazing!

    I am so proud of both of you and great job to get her into that state!

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