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A girl’s counts after a week November 8, 2010

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With today we are one whole week into both writing challenges.  The blogging has been coming through easily and I’ve been happily impressed by the consistency of my blogging friends.  There were a few bumps along the way for them and some days when they really ran close to not making their daily posts but it seems they are going strong.

I’m so proud.

As for NaNoWriMo, I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t doing it alone.  In fact, both my brother and sister in law decided to take part of this monthly writing challenge.  I find myself very distracted this year and am not writing with the usual zeal that I did for last year.  This time last year I was solidly on target.  Sure, I didn’t write for over a week and then had to scramble to finish.

I find it really hard to focus.  I have too much on my mind and it will only get worse, I think.  After work, I get home and make dinner.  By the time I settle down to write, I feel drained.  I have been writing everyday but I have not been writing the recommended 1,667 words to finish this novel smoothly.  My problem was that I got 4,00o words into my book and realized I wanted to go in a slightly different direction.  I was very tempted to just delete everything I had written and start over again.

But that’s insane.

No need to tell me twice.

Instead I went back to the beginning and edited it, rewrote a lot and just plain deleted a whole lot more.  This didn’t help very much with my overall word count.  I should have doubled my word count but instead it just looks like I’m barely creeping up in numbers.  It’s frustrating, to say the least.

But last night I had a webcam write in with Luskca in the hopes of making a dent in my novel.  It feels good to have the support even though we’re across the globe from one another.  Maybe I need to do it again some time soon because it got me to focus enough to write about two thousand words even when talking and making each other laugh.

Maybe I just need to use writing as an escape.

My brain feels so full.

That and I’m nervous and worried.


You’ll learn soon enough.

Meanwhile, my current NaNoWriMo word count is 9,050.  At this point, I’m wondering how I churned out a novel last year and whether I’ll be able to do it again this year.

Stay tuned!


Even my cheerleader seems to be worn out.



2 Responses to “A girl’s counts after a week”

  1. rain2rainbows Says:

    LOL! I’m doing NNWM too! My word count is tooootally sucktastic… but, like I your brother and I discussed this morning.. I’m just happy for the experience! Good work with the blogging. I really enjoy your posts (and recipes!)

  2. luskca Says:

    I loved our write in, it totally got my me sit and fucking write “and light things on fire”
    😀 We should totally do another write it. I got more words down sitting with you then I had done in the last 3 days.
    Let me know when it works for you again.

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