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A girl getting her things together November 9, 2010

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning out my room.  It required all afternoon because there was a lot to go through.  Last week I went through all my bins in storage at my grandmother’s house.  I felt it was long enough since I moved out of my apartment that I could go through what I decided to keep.  By looking reorganizing what I kept, I could see what I no longer wanted or needed.  I was able to empty out half of the bins.  Part was reassigned as things I thought could be used at home or at grandma’s, the rest was thrown out.

With newly emptied bins, I decided to apply the same process to my room.  There isn’t much space in my room and there were still many boxes I had filled with things I’d brought back with me.   So I moved and trashed and shifted it into bins.  I went through clothes and Mary Kay products.  All I’m missing is to go through my shoes.  Some are best thrown out, some will be going with me and some I will be taking to work to see if any of the gals wear size 10.

What I was wondering while I went through everything is…

How do people do it?

I feel like everything I’ve owned is disposable.

I went to college and had to furnish a new life in a temporary space.

Then I moved out of that apartment and back home.

Now I’m leaving again.

Throughout it all, I feel like I’ve thrown out more than what I’ve kept.  So how do people spend all their lives and manage to keep valuable things?  How do people know what is worth keeping through moves and thereby creating keepsakes?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to do this.

I had some help. Luckily she didn't get tossed out of the trash.


3 Responses to “A girl getting her things together”

  1. Aixa Says:

    from someone who has been in the same situation plenty of times I know the feeling. The hardest part was what books to leave behind and which to keep. Over the next few years you will collect more keepsakes and somehow have less clutter. 🙂

  2. zarishi Says:

    Thats why I dont collect much stuff, just books and clothe, and even clothe I give away most of the time. So its just me and my books XD

  3. scizor1 Says:

    Thank you. Now I have to think about having to do this come January. 😦

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