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The auburn bombshell November 10, 2010

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If you were to suddenly ask Luskca to give the first response that comes to her mind as to what color my hair is, she will automatically respond that it’s red even if its not true.  Of course she isn’t forgetting what color my hair is.  She just always remember me having some shade of red.  I was a flaming redhead with green eyes (because of contact lenses) the day we met and part of the first semester in college.  I grew my hair out and then resumed a more subtle shade of auburn for about 2 years.  I took another brunette reprieve for a little less than a year before returning to red.  For the past year I’ve been a brunette.

The joke with scizor is that every few months I go shopping to decide what my new “natural” haircolor is.  I will be the first to admit that I kind of, sorta, REALLY love being a redhead more than a brunette.  Something about the tone seems to soften my features and go well with my pale skin.  I may give my hair a break and return to my actual natural color but it never lasts long.  It’s always done with knowing I will return to red in a few months.

So, with about 11 months being a raven haired beauty, it was decided I would return to auburn.  Doing so was not the easiest thing in the world.  You see, when you dye your hair black, you can’t just throw a lighter color over it.  It just won’t take.  You have to bleach out the color, which is rather damaging to the hair.  Then you have color disparages because you literally get a line of where your natural shade is from growing in and where the color got bleached out and is obviously lighter.

A good stylist will be able to locate where the dye natural growth ends and the remnants of black dye begin.  Unless your stylist was so gosh-darn great that they matched your haircolor perfectly to your natural shade.

My stylist is the later.

So we had some issues and finding the line and went probably a little higher than he should have which left me with a band of pale golden-blonde hair from the bleach.  When applying the color I wanted, this lighter band continued to show through.  Therefor he had to apply a darker shade to these areas to try and color match where the dyed hair had become.

It took the man over 4 hours from start to finish but he did it.

Aren’t I just gorgeous?

The color came out a bit darker than I would have wanted but that’s until it catches the light and then looks a beautiful coppery sort of color.  So, I’m just saying that this pic does not do the color justice.  However, I looked so good in it that I just had to post it.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little vain.


2 Responses to “The auburn bombshell”

  1. zarishi Says:

    maybe a little vain? jajajaj well…

    You look really good in the color, though I want to see you in red 😀

  2. scizor1 Says:

    It’s Vintage Action Ivy! I approve. 😀

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