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The leafy correlation to the luskca complication November 11, 2010

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In August, my sister in law wrote about about our odd relationship.

And we do have an odd relationship… what with the years of knowing one another and doing the sorts of odd things that no one understands but best friends tend to do (and I do them with my other 2 best friends too, but those are other blog entries).  We’ve shopped for new hobbies when bored, wandered the aisles of Walgreens at 3am, and recently had a webcam write-in for our NanoWriMo novels… where we lit things on fire.

The interesting thing is that explaining our relationship has always been complicated.

  • When my brother began dating her, people inexplicably thought she and I were siblings.
  • Later, people thought we were the same person.  Forget that I’m 5 inches taller than she is and we look NOTHING alike.
  • Then some people might even thought she and I were dating when she was broken up with my brother because we were inseparable then.
  • In the years since, I remember when she was in California that she was in the car with some local acquaintance, when I called her up.  She remarked.  “Oh, it’s my sister in law.”  The person she was with grimaced and was like “Why is she calling you?”  Yeah, that other person didn’t know that she and I talk very nearly every day.

We’re on many social networking sites together.  Most of them allow us to point out that we’re related but not through some sort of best friend and/or in-law option.  There’s one in particular that doesn’t allow us to do that.  So when listing our relationship, we decided to just place ourselves as “it’s complicated.”

What we didn’t realize is that this common interest site would be where I’d meet my current beau.  And when we first started talking, he was perusing my profile and asked me who exactly this Luskca was and if she would be a complication to our having a relationship together.  It had never occurred to me that someone would see it that way.  Once the laughter subsided, I was able to explain what the leafy (that’s me) correlation to the luskca complication was.  Of course now that’s how we keep referring to her as.

And that certain man now knows that when he got me, he got a package deal.


One Response to “The leafy correlation to the luskca complication”

  1. zarishi Says:

    The title of this made me thing of Big Bang Theory XD

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