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A pair of birthdays November 13, 2010

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With today concludes the set of closely set birthdays we have in my family.  My aunt’s birthday was on the 11th and my grandmother’s was today. I didn’t make their cakes, I’m sorry to report.  With everything that I knew would be going on and working, it just was not possible to squeeze it all in and sleep and keep my sanity.  Instead I just bought them from work.  After all, the cake shop I work at has wonderful stuff.  That was the reason I selected it to do my apprenticeship.  If you love the product, you’ll love where you’ll work.  When I’m all settled and get a job, I hope I find a place that has the same sort of atmosphere.

But, I’ve gotten sidetracked.

Like always.

The days were about my aunt and grandmother.

And they really had a great time.

This is my aunt holding up what I gave her. Isn't it lovely? It's a jewelry holder. And there's my grandma in the background. I gave her a sterling silver necklace with a cross pendant that has her birthstone.

Happy Birthday to them both!  May they have many more wonderful years ahead for them!


One Response to “A pair of birthdays”

  1. zarishi Says:

    and well indirectly you did make the cakes or at least iced them XD

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