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Happy Thanksgiving Nashville! November 25, 2010

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This year was different for this bombshell.  I got to cook up Thanksgiving meal all by myself.  Usually I’m just the sous chef/ pastry chef for my mother.  However, I got the chance to do it all by myself for My. Land.  It was great.  I baked up one HUGE pumpkin cheesecake yesterday.  I’m not sure why it came out so big considering the recipe called for a 9in round springform pan and I used a 10incher.  I thought it was going to be thinner than the recipe expected.  Yet, I swear my pan was almost not big enough!

Maybe I beat my cheesecake mixture too much.

No such thing.

Especially since I was using a hand beater.

But by the end of it, I was almost afraid that the pan was almost not big enough!  Thankfully it was and I didn’t have to clean out the oven.  That would have been bothersome.

The meal consisted of Turkey breast (as I knew a whole turkey would just be excessive for just two people, even though we are solid eaters.  There was no way the two of us could eat 13lbs of turkey and that those were the smallest birds we saw when shopping at the local Krogers.), mashed potatoes, twiced-baked sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, bread stuffing, corn bread, fresh cranberry sauce and… Actually, I think that was it.

And goodness do we have loads of leftovers!

We only managed to eat a third of everything.

Mr. Land says there is more than that left and I’m terribly at making estimates.

That’s okay though.  I made a lot of it intending to have leftovers.  Tomorrow we will have turkey Shepard’s pie for dinner and that will do away with a fair portion of leftovers.  Not to mention the yumminess that will be breakfast with spinach omelets. 



See?  The Bombshell can speak southern too.



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