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A girl with neverending leftovers November 29, 2010

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You know, when I made Thanksgiving dinner for two, I think I still overestimated just how much food we’d need.  I thought we had made a solid dent in the food and have been trying to get through as many of the leftovers as we could.  The problem is that I made other things before Thanksgiving and we had other leftovers that needed eating too.  I made a pear pie and I think a fourth of it is still lurking in the fridge.  The Mexican lasagna was polished off finally only yesterday when I had the last piece for lunch.

As for the things from Thanksgiving…

I was able to put in most of the turkey, all of the gravy and use up all of the mashed potatoes and sweet potato.  But then we had about half of that leftover after we had it for dinner.  Slowly we’ve eaten through it and I’m going to have the last piece for lunch today.  I’m happy to report that over the weekend we finally did eat all the turkey and creamed spinach.

Last night’s dinner, I had to get creative.

I flattened out a pair of boneless chicken breasts, seasoned them, and places a fine layer of mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese before putting a stuffing muffin into each one.  I rolled them up, seared them in some olive oil before putting them into a 375F oven.  It was very tasty and I baked some fresh corn on the cob in foil packets with butter and seasoning.  I also blanched some fresh green beans and tossed them in an asian ginger dressing.  Delicious and thankfully very different than what we’ve eaten so far this week.

Plus there were NO leftovers!

I’m happy to report that tonight all I need to do is discover a way to use the last of the cranberry sauce and corn bread.  I’ve been thinking about it all day so I think I know what I’m going to do.  It will involve potatoes and boneless pork chops, I believe.  Should be tasty.

But finally polish off the leftovers!

Just in time too.

Since tomorrow I will be winding my way westward to Arkansas.  Can’t leave too much food behind.  I’m happy that I was able to calculate all the food we would need for these 10days.  Seems I’m not so bad at food estimations after all.


One Response to “A girl with neverending leftovers”

  1. zarishi Says:

    Jjajaj tell me about it, I finished my leftovers yesterday night… not that I mind, I love not having to cooked and the turkey was delitious 😀

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