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A girl reunited with her cow November 30, 2010

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I will admit to the fact that I didn’t cry 10 days ago when I left PR.

My grandma cried.

My lil bro cried.

But I didn’t shed a tear.

For those of you who know me- in fact, everyone who knows me were taking bets on Twitter that I would cry upon departure of Puerto Rico.

I felt my eyes get a bit glazed over with tears.

However, not a single drop rolled down my cheek.

I will admit now that I cried today as I left Nashville.

I feel a little silly writing that.

I didn’t want to leave my Mr. Land even though I was going to be staying with one of my best friends in the whole wide world.



since I sent the cow ahead with my stalker on Wednesday when she came to visit me in Nashville, I was reunited with my baby.

Her scratches and bites just let me know she missed me too.

And it’s not that I didn’t want to come to Fayetteville, because I’m very happy to be here.  Truly.  Just… a little part of me wished I could have remained in Nashville forever and always.  I loved it there and it was amazing to have that time with my Mr. Land.  Its not like I won’t be seeing him in about a month or less.

I couldn’t help it that I cried.

So I think I’ll just hug my cow tonight and just let it all soak in.  I think I’m still processing and need time to settle in and build a new routine along with my new life.  There are a whole new set of goals.

Goals that will take me back to Nashville.


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