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A girl reading her fortune December 2, 2010

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After 30 days of blogging, I had not planned on blogging today.  Perhaps it was a way of proving a point or something like that.  I mean, I didn’t have to post and not like my life has changed that much since yesterday.  There were some ideas percolating at the back of my brain to eventually post, but I thought that I would take a break.  I didn’t want to feel obligated to my blog.  Afterall, I write on my blog… my blog does not write me.

Famous last words?

Plus, one of the new hazards I’ve come to discover is that I’m now living with my best friend.  Great! right?  I love her to pieces but it now means that I might have to censor some of my thoughts and feelings when posting on my blog (which she reads) and my tweets (which she follows).  Of course, my other friends would really love me to give out some dirt or they are secretly hoping for it.  I doubt I will ever feel like I have anything truly bad to say.  My stalker and I tend to get along together pretty well.

We wouldn’t be best friends if we didn’t.

So I’m sure it will only be a matter of time until I feel right at home.  That doesn’t happen overnight.

But what actually got my blogging today is the little scrap of paper inside the fortune cookie from last night’s fried rice dinner.

“When the flowers bloom,

so will great joy in your life.”

How great does that sound?

Pretty darn great, actually.

Especially with the mental time-line I’m hoping to operate on.  Spring sounds like the perfect time for my life to come into fruition, I believe.

Is it me?

Or is it possibly silly…

to be listening to a fortune cookie?



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