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A little sparkle for the holiday December 3, 2010

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So, the stalker and I are notoriously known for our little projects.  When we are out together, one of our favorite sayings is “I could make that!”  And very often, we are very right.  Between the both of us, we’ve got mad crafting skillz.

Fer realz.

And knowing we were going to spending the holidays together meant that we knew we could count on one another to get the creative juices flowing for decorations as well as gifts.  So not surprisingly, the first place we stopped here in Fayetteville was the local Joanne’s for some crafting supplies.  The Christmas decorations have been slowly coming out all over the Stalker’s house, so we needed a little something… a little sparkle to add to the budding holiday cheer.

With the help of 50% off Christmas supplies, red velvet ribbon and  a 24inch grapevine wreath, we were able to create this!

Oooooohh shiiiiiiiny!

Two days later & the table is still covered in glitter.

It took this bombshell some 20minuts pouting at the ribbon and 5minutes on google before she got the right looking bow for it.  The rest… well, the stalker and bombshell just went to town jabbing on whatever looked right on it.  I think we achieved the look we are going for.  I mean, we only had to pull out the hot glue once.  But to be fair, that snowflake was just not staying on where we wanted it to… and even with the glue it landed off center.

But we meant to do that.


Gives it character.

It’s a massive wreath too but the stalker’s fiance wanted something BIG for the door.  So we obliged.  It really looks great and we’re happy with the results.  Now… it’s likely that I won’t be sharing what else we’re working on for this Christmas unless its decor related.  As you know, I do not like to show too much if it’s related to something that I plan to give as gifts.

So… I wonder what else we’ll see that will make us think “I can do that!” and then we actually go and do it.  Should be fun, I think.


One Response to “A little sparkle for the holiday”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    That is very pretty. *stamps it with a seal of approval*

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