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A 2010 Round-up December 31, 2010

Filed under: Holiday Wishes,Personal Interest,Random Review — bombshellwithin @ 12:34 PM

I have been seeing so many people do Top 5 or Top 10 Entries of their blogs.  I was planning on doing the same thing but, when I looked back at my stats, only one entry was the most popular this year that was actually published this year!

Everyone should know which one it was…

Sugar crystallized flower

Crystallizing flowers was by far the most popular entry that I wrote this year.

But as I scroll down my numbers page, my actual blog main page was the one that got the most hits for the year.

The actual highest viewed entry was about the beverage, Zombie.

Flowers took second.

To round out the third and fourth most viewed entries of the year were actually my shoes!

I kid you not.

A girl and her shoes, part 2 and part 1 are third and fourth.  I either have some secret shoe fetishists visiting me (which I actually would not doubt) or everyone just loves me for my shoes.  I can’t decide.

Another fun thing I like to look at are the Search Engine terms that led people to finding the bombshell blog.  The top five are:

  1. Bacardi Zombie
  2. Kirby
  3. 27 dresses
  4. small bra
  5. garter belt

It makes me wonder what is says about my blog…

since those are the top.

I don’t know what this is: كفش تابستاني زنانه   but it got my blog 4 views!

Anyway, tomorrow starts a new year and with it endless possibilities.  I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday!



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