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A girl starting 2011 January 1, 2011

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A girl in front of Christmas lights in front of Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN.

My beloved Stalker friend said this to me last week…

You have ended your year in a completely different place than you started it.

This is very true and in more ways than one.  Not only am I finally off the island and getting settled in in Arkansas, of all places, but last year I’m in a completely different place emotionally.  I keep trying to remember what my thoughts on 2010 were but it seems I did not blog about it.  So I guess that says something about how I was feeling.  I went through a rather longish stretch of not writing anything.  Then again, most of the stuff I was blogging about had to do with baking as that’s what I was doing, I was completing the technical certification in pastry and baking.

While it took me a while to get all the hours done, I finally did complete that certification.  It was a wonderful mental vacation and truly got me thinking on moving forward with my life.  So much has changed since I started this blog.  I’m amazed at how my aspirations and desires have changed… and how some of them have not changed at all.

I still have amazing friends…

Like the Stalker who has taken me in like a refugee and shown me lots of love and support.

I still believe in love…

And for the first time I'm starting the new year in a loving relationship; with my Mr. Land.

And while I can’t say that I still have a clue about what I will do with my life, I feel like I’m getting closer to understanding how to get there.


So I know 2011 is a year of great promise.  I have no doubt that when it ends I will find myself much like I began it…

In a completely different place.

And I think that’s a good thing.



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