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His girl Ivy January 2, 2011

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Here on the bombshell blog, I like to show my friends the love by featuring their blogs on mine when they start blogging.  I am not vain enough to think that I inspired them to start blogging but I am vain enough to know that, while my blog is not hugely successful, it is the most visited of my friends.  And we all know that the success of a blog has a lot to do with the community it wishes to belong in.  So it never hurts to send people around to look things over, especially when it is someone near and dear to you.

In my case, in the past month one of my friends and my beloved boyfriend have gotten blogs.  Only one of which actually wrote on their blog.

Yes, lab rat #6, I’m outting you on my blog!


Everyone go over there & pester her until she does!

The other was my Mr. Land.  He requires no pestering because he has already started writing.  It is still a work in progress as he fills in all the pages and gets a hang of his widgets.  Still, I know all my voyeuristic friends would love to get to know him better.  So instead of my usual gushing and chattering, let him tell you all about himself first hand!

Click here to read directly from my Mr. Land.


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