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The cow loving the girl’s gift January 2, 2011

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Its funny how so many people ask me about how my kittycow is doing more than they ask me how I fare.  I wonder why that is.  Some could wonder if perhaps they miss her more than they miss me.  My lil bro ventured even so far as saying “well, she can be nice some of the time and cuddly too.  Unlike you.”

Thanks bro.

So, I just wanted to let you all know that the cow is doing just fine.  She has free roam of my room and my part of the bathroom.  Every now and again she gets roam of the house too.  For the most part she appears happy.  I got a new collar for Christmas as well as some feathery toys that she has already destroyed.  But the Christmas gift she loves the most is something that the Stalker actually gave to me.

My bathrobe.

If I leave it laying around, she will find a way to curl herself up on it.

If I’m wearing it, she will find a corner to snuggle against.

She truly loves it.

Maybe I need to get a nice fluffy bathrobe just for her to have?  Do they even have such a thing?


3 Responses to “The cow loving the girl’s gift”

  1. Joey Says:

    You know if you buy her a bathrobe she’ll still want to use yours. She uses yours only because it’s not hers.

  2. gaintheday Says:

    Try one of those nice fluffy blankets. I actually probably have extra litter points I could order her one. It’s a very nice grey fleece kinda thing. My cats love blankets… Truman used to put my dirty underwear on his face and walk around. >.>

    • The kittycow just really loves sleeping in my things. Her favorite articles of clothing before the bathrobe were my dirty jeans and my bras. Clean clothing in a pile is also a favorite curling up spot.

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