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Evil Genius Accessories January 3, 2011

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This holiday season, the bombshell was pretty bummed about not being able to afford gifts.  With all the chaos of relocating, I had not really given much thought on what I would be giving as presents.  By the time I was settled in, I found I couldn’t afford anything.  But, because it is a known fact that when any of the girly trio get together we begin plotting, the Stalker had a wonderful craft project she felt would make lovely accessories and wonderful presents at the same time.

I would normally have posted craft projects on my blog but these were meant to be presents and everyone knows that if they are presents, they should be a surprise.  So I had meant to show just this picture…

Of the Stalker hard at work

But then we got SO busy making presents!  Mr. Land even renamed us Itty & Bitty (me), the Evil Genius workshop elves.  So while we were both busy picking fabrics and yarn, cutting the materials and pinning it all together, as well as crocheting.. Itty also did all the sewing with the machine and Bitty was in charge of all the hand sewn final touches.   We didn’t count on having to make so many presents but we worked as fast as we could and all were mailed out before Christmas, although only about a third arrived in time for the actual day.

What did we end up making?


We made infinity scarves. This lovely patterned number was given to Luskca.

We crocheted regular scarves. This colorful scarf was sold to one of the Stalker's co-workers.

We even made crocheted infinity scarves. I made this beautiful turquoise number for my Mr. Land's momma as a gift from me.

I learned how to crochet gloves. Some were fingerless, others had convertible mitten tops like these that I made for Luskca.

As an added chuckle, I made crocheted cthulhu toques from a pattern Luskca had found on a craft blog. She gets to have a family of cthulhus in Korea since I sent them all one.

Because of all this hard work, we will be selling some of our creations.  There were a couple sales over the holiday season and hopefully we will get a few more commissions from it.  I’m working on getting the site up and running to show other examples of our work plus all the options we have already made and ready for sale.

Stay tuned!

PS: The Cthulhu hats will not be for sale in Evil Genius accessories.  They were made as gifts for family and were definitely done to get some laughs.  All recipients were delighted with them.  If you wish to see the funny creator of the pattern I used or purchase a Cthulhu of your own, click here.


4 Responses to “Evil Genius Accessories”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Your Cthulhu Toque turned out awesome! Thanks for the shout-out 🙂

  2. gaintheday Says:

    I swear i should somehow scrape up money to have you guys knit me my Harry Potter scarf.

    • Well, we crochet instead of knit. I tried knitting once and it stressed me out so badly! Lordie, I’ll never repeat that experience again. 🙂 But a gryffindor scarf would be relatively easy to make.

      We’ve been selling the simple crochet ones for about $15. Same price for the sewn infinity scarves. $20 for the crocheted infinity ones that are double looped. Fingerless gloves are $10; convertible mittens are $15.

      If not, I guess I know what to make you for your b-day. :p

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