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Things the girl has found only in Arkansas January 4, 2011

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On New Year’s Day, the Stalker decided that we needed to go out and rent chick flicks.  Her fiance had been dominating control of the remote and had had us watching football for the past month week.  We went over to Hastings, an entertainment store where you can buy/rent such things like DVDs, movies, et al.  As we browsed along for the right girly selections, almost at the very beginning of the perimeter aisle, I come across this.

A pickle in a pouch.



A pickle.


The package touted how it was the perfect on the go treat/snack.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love pickles.  Really, I do.  But the thought of a pickle in a pouch just felt wrong to me.  So naturally I took a picture and sent it to my Mr. Land.  I do that a lot.  Whenever I see  something odd or out of place, I click a shot and send it over to him for analysis.  I’ve done this a number of occasions while perusing the aisles at Walgreens.  So that he was the first person I thought of to show this pickle in a pouch was no exception.

The thing is, I really had NEVER seen it before.  I have lived in New York, traveled from there to Chicago.  I’ve visited Florida and Georgia several times as a teenager.  I then visited Texas and from there traveled via car to Chicago.  I’ve also been to California and Denver.  Most recently I was just in Nashville and had the nice drive from there to Fayetteville, AR.  I’m telling you, I would have remembered if I had seen a pickle in a pouch!

So I was very surprised by it.

I’m not saying that there aren’t pickles in pouches in the places I mentioned.

I just had never seen them if they are there!

Goodness.  But luckily I wasn’t the only one who was shocked to see this concept.  My Mr. Land hadn’t seen such a thing either and seemed just as surprised by them as I was.

I wish I could tell you that this was the only surprising thing that I saw while wandering the aisles at Hastings.

Oh no!  I saw something far more disturbing.

Located on the clearance table near the entrance of the store, the Stalker saw some of the holiday items.  Seeing what looked to be a typical dancing santa, the Stalker pressed the hand of one of them.  Soon the well-known song of Santa Baby began to play.

And the dancing Santa proceeded to whip open his coat and flash his rocking transvestite gear.

Oh yes, my dear readers, that Santa was wearing fishnets and a sparkly bikini while he gyrated to that song.  I swear that the Stalker and I just stared with our mouths hanging open for a full 5 seconds before blinking slowly.  We were going to scurry away from it when I remembered enough to whip out my cel and take a picture of it.  From there I passed it on to my Mr. Land and Luskca, both who seemed to find the picture hilarious.  As this was the second outrageous shot shared with my Mr. Land, he had to exclaim and wonder to just what type of store the Stalker had taken me to.

The funny thing is that the Stalker had coerced me away from my laptop where I had been typing away and scheduling out blog entries.  She said that I had a few days written out and by getting out I would benefit from it by gaining more material to write about.  I was skeptical but I followed along with her plan.  When we got in the car, successful in our locating movies to rent, I had to just shake my head and state that with outings like that… blog entries would practically write themselves.


5 Responses to “Things the girl has found only in Arkansas”

  1. zarishi Says:

    Well Ive been to many states as well and I must say I have NEVER seen a pickle in a pouch, I love pickles as well but it looks wrong… though I think I would have bought it just to try it XD

    • I was almost tempted to get one. I do like pickles and they did have like 3 or 4 different flavors. I just don’t much like the pickle juice. Despite what the pouch says, I would not like to be snacking while running with a pouch full of pickle juice.

  2. scizor1 Says:

    How come I never get these funny pics from you? =(

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