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A girl loving Old Navy January 5, 2011

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Alternate Title: An Old Navy Christmas

There are two stores that I consider my go-to places for shopping.

The first is Walgreens.

Living in Puerto Rico for so long where most places closed by 5pm and often didn’t have the things that I wanted or needed, I grew to appreciate the 24hr accessibility of Walgreens during my college years.  It had decent prices, had a wide assortment of products and now factors into many tales I have of those years.  Whenever I think of needing to pick something up quick, I always think of going to Walgreens.

When it comes to shopping for comfy casual clothes that fit my size, I always go to Old Navy.

I love the place.

I don’t know when my love first began… I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love the store and the wonderful things I would find inside of it.  But I suppose I really didn’t know of the place, I mean really know what it was like outside of commercials, until they opened a store in Ponce’s Plaza del Caribe.  This was the largest mall closest to me and whenever I would do my yearly shopping sprees with my aunt as her birthday present to me, I began to realize the value of having it so close by.  It allowed me to get quite a few things for the budget that my aunt would set for me as a gift.

I soon began to develop a habit of only going for our shopping trips when I knew there would be a sale and when the spring collection had made it to the store completely.  It helped me amass the colorful collection of flip-flops I was known for in college and was the go-to location for all our Jingle Jammies for the holidays, as it was the only place that was guaranteed to contain all the sizes we needed for our wide spectrum of shape family.

PLUS as an added bonus, Old Navy has a great plus-size collection online only.

Although Old Navy is rather known for their generous sizing in regular stores.

Having the larger range online allows for a lot more options & variety.

So when my mother was making up a box of things to send me for Christmas, she knew that the first place to look would be Old Navy.  But she didn’t want to get me things I might not entirely love or weren’t what I needed.  Being a mother though, she wanted to be sure that I stayed warm in the new place I was living in.  So she packed the box with 3 pairs of cozy patterned socks because my love for socks is infamous.  Also, she gave me 2 fleece scarves and 2 pairs of gloves that would match each of the scarves, for a total of 4 pairs of gloves.

Being the good daughter that I am, I knew that I had to send her a picture of my wearing my warm accessories.  But it was Christmas day, which meant that it was a day to be lounging in my holiday pjs.  So I didn’t want to be outside too long if I had to take 4 different pics to show off all sets of gloves.

I improvised instead.

The blue set of accessories.


The green set of accessories

My mother found the pics hilarious and was disappointed when I said that I would not be wearing the gloves mismatched as shown.

Along with loads of candy, I also got holiday money so I can get myself some sort of gift that I might need.  With the money I got from my mom, I knew I couldn’t use it to pay my cell phone bill.  I would have to produce something lovely and tell her that it was what she had bought me for Christmas.

The day after Christmas, I saw the Old Navy tweet on adult jeans for $15 and I knew it was fate telling me that I needed to have an Old Navy Christmas.  So I convinced the Stalker that we needed to check out the sale and away we went.  I got a pair of jeans and 6 tops while only spending about half of what my mom sent me for Christmas.  As I was talking to the cashier, she complimented me on my white sueded fleece coat (seen on me here) as she knew that it was a product of Old Navy.  However, I had bought it online before leaving for Nashville and it was really wonderful.

It then occurred to me that my cold weather wardrobe was ALL from Old Navy with the exception of the hooded grey coat I’m wearing with the accessories.

Old Navy is a wonderful place.

Disclaimer: Please note that neither Walgreens or Old Navy are paying the bombshell for plugging them so much with so much love and enthusiasm.  That’s all me.


5 Responses to “A girl loving Old Navy”

  1. zarishi Says:

    I agree with you, I really love Old Navy they always have good shirts and jeans! And I think you should wear the blue gloves mismatched, they look amazing like that! 🙂

  2. kat Says:

    I’ve been wearing this lovely striped fleece scarf, and it ends up it’s from Old Navy. 🙂

    I wear scarves a lot, just for my voice. 🙂

  3. scizor1 Says:

    If old Navy liked tall boys like me I’d be buying jeans there all the time. I’ve come to like some of the shirts they’ve been stocking lately, so I may find the Old Navy love you’ve found. :p

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