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A girl a week into the New Year January 7, 2011

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As I look back on how everyone started their New Year, I can’t help but wonder if everyone sort of started it off like my blogging friend Clara.

They start off the year with the best intentions.

And lose steam by Jan. 2nd.

I mean, even Martha Stewart on her TV show (now on Hallmark Channel), mentioned that she had not maintained her resolution of not watching TV after midnight further than 3 hours into the New Year.

I never make New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not even a fan of New Year’s celebrations.

I think I do maybe set mental goals of what I would like to accomplish every year.  Some of them are vague, others are more concrete… and still others are just things that end up happening within a few days of the new year.

Mostly I just keep my ideas to myself.

But I have always done this.  I mean, when planning on a trip to see my Mr. Land in Nashville, I was very tight-lipped about it until the plane ticket was purchased.  Even then I didn’t even let many people in on it.  I didn’t even tell a lot of people until the month of.

It’s just the way I am.

Annoying habit, some friends would say.

So, this year… it just so happens that I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep an eye on what I eat.  The ultimate goal isn’t that I hope to lose X amount of weight.  I do know that I have a whole new 5 yearr plan for myself and losing some weight would only be beneficial to them. But it all really started when I moved in with the Stalker and her fiance.  I call them the skinny people and they definitely have a different way of eating than I do.  I’m not saying that their eating habits are better than mine because I could argue that some of mine are in fact better than theirs.

The one thing I’ve always known to have a problem with is portion control.  So I’m trying to observe what they eat and find a good balance between keeping myself monitored on the how much I ear side but not starving myself along the way.  It just takes a conscious effort on my part.  Considering I am almost OCD in my tendency to count things and seek patterns where many would argue there aren’t any, I think maybe this is a good approach to things.  Anytime I tried it, I would immediately begin seeing the results in lower numbers on the scale.

Of course, the Stalker loves this because she considers it like a little project.  She gets to take measurements, weigh me (without my seeing the numbers since I have stated I would cry if the numbers are too high) and track the progress that has taken place while I’m living with her.  But because I know I get obsessive over numbers, I know that I cannot know my own weight or else I will obsessively weigh myself throughout the day since I’m home alone most of the time… and also because I don’t want it to become JUST about the numbers.

I want it to be about developing AND maintaining new habits.

Along with this, I’ve gotten myself a bedtime instated and am trying my best to stick with it.  While the job search continues, I really need to give myself structure.  It would be all too easy to give up and develop some terrible habits.  This way, I’m dedicating this time to myself and am able to turn the time into something positive.

Is anyone else trying a similar approach this year?


2 Responses to “A girl a week into the New Year”

  1. Aixa Says:

    you know me, I love projects! I am glad you are here because I have a tendency to want to eat more and ot doesn’t help that Will is such a picky eater. Makes me feel better when you stay with me while I eat slowly. I only want you to feel healthy but I do like to see numbers…numbers you won’t see til the end. ;P

  2. myrla Says:

    I don’t set new year’s resolutions, but I do set goals. I’m right there with ya on that one.

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