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A girl contemplating posting January 8, 2011

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It seems to me that a lot of people have put things like “blogging more” on their resolution list for 2011.  As we all know from yesterday’s entry, I do not believe in resolutions for the year.  I never like to say that I’m going to do something when I’m not sure that I can pull through on it.  So instead I just keep it to myself and get around to accomplishing it.  Or at least attempting it.

This year, WordPress is issuing a sort of challenge for 2011.

The rules are easy: Say you’re going to take part and then either post once a week in 2011 or post once a day.  Then tag your posts with the corresponding entry tag.  After that, its just keeping to your word.  They have even started a blog to help people with daily ways to come up with what to post on your blog.

In fact, my Mr. Land and my friend, Kat, have decided that they want to take part in Post-a-day 2011.

Now, I KNOW I can come up with a post a week.

But do I really want to commit myself to posting every day.


That has been the question running through this bombshell’s mind.

I mean, I know I can post every day for a month or more.  It’s the whole year that I’m not sure about.  Would it only take a simple challenge to post every day for the year help in my maintaining my blog straight through 2011?

Or will I feel boxed in?

The thing is…

I never will know what I am capable of until I try.

And if I don’t try…

Then I won’t ever know.

I couldn’t live without knowing.

So I guess this is me saying that I’m going to take on the VERY daunting task of posting a blog entry every day this year.  I mean, I can do it for a month… so why can’t I just apply the same principles 12-fold?

Someone remind me in a month why I agreed to it.

Maybe because I’m possibly certifiably insane.




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