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Restaurant Review: Hugo’s January 9, 2011

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located on Block Ave. in Fayetteville, AR; one block north of the historic town square.

It was ladies’ night on Thursday and the Stalker took me out to meet some of the wonderful ladies that she works with.  We weren’t sure where exactly we were going when she mentioned that we were going to meet at Hugo’s, but once we saw it I recognized the sign immediately.  As the Stalker is planning to get married near the square this coming July, we have driven by this street a fair number of times in the past weeks.

The fluorescent sign pointing down is pretty hard to miss.

I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of food I was looking forward to that night.  Heck, I wasn’t even sure what Hugo’s would look like exactly on the inside.  From the first steps in, one could see immediately that it was a fairly busy place.  Staff were basically clearing off tables just to get the waiting people seated and taking their order.  It was fairly dim inside, but apparently that’s the way they like it.  Luckily we were seated by a well lit sign and could see out menus that way.  And I’m almost positive that maybe there was music playing inside but the atmosphere was so lively with the closely packed tables that it wasn’t my main focus.

What was interesting to see where all the signs, framed pictures, plates and other assorted paraphernalia adoring almost every inch of the walls and columns all the way up to the ceilings.  It definitely made the place interesting.  From what I have heard, since Hugo’s opened in 1977, it has always looked like that.  Through the years some silly pranksters have pilfered some of the plates or portraits but they like to leave the place as unchanged as possible.

Overall, the waitstaff was friendly and efficient; service overall was very speedy but they had to be if they wanted to keep up with the demand of clientele walking in and out the door.  I could tell the bar was nicely stocked and the prices fairly reasonable.  I think in the end I would recommend it again for anyone looking for a busy place humming with energy for gatherings such as we had.  I will say that I was surprised by the menu.  From the looks of the place, I thought it was mostly going to be bar food.  But they had a nice selection of wines as well as dishes such as quiche and crepes.  Both which were quite delicious.

If you would like to see the menu at Hugo’s, click here.


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