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Another friend on the blogging bandwagon January 10, 2011

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I got an email today from a lovely and talented friend telling me that she now had a blog.  So, I immediately knew I had to feature her on my blog to let everyone I know (and even those I don’t know who still read my blog) ALL about her.  With a quick send back asking for her permission, she quickly responded with an enthusiastic YES!

I’ve been trying to remember how long I’ve known Dallas.  We met through a special interest community chat site some years ago.  I’m thinking this must have been 4 years ago.  Maybe?  But it has felt like I’ve known her forever and I just adore her.  She makes some of the most lovely and interesting sculptures I have seen in some time.  Hopefully she will feature some of her work on her blog when she has the time.

From the few entries she has written so far, I believe her blog will be centered on the crafts she has envisioned and will be creating.  She is a gorgeous and talented artist.  So I think everyone should go on over there and comment on her blog.  Tell her I sent you.  And that she’s brilliant.

Because it’s true.

And who doesn’t want to hear how brilliant they are?

Click here to read Dallas’ blog.


One Response to “Another friend on the blogging bandwagon”

  1. gaintheday Says:

    Ooh. I think I might know perchance this Dallas. Maybe not, but looks good anyway. 🙂

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