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A girl musing on regifting January 11, 2011

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For some reason I find myself thinking over a comment my mother made when I called her this past Sunday.  I had told her about a regifting party we had attended on the 2nd hosted by one of the groomsmen for the Stalker’s wedding.  It seemed like a neat concept.

Basically you take something you got over the holiday season.

Re-wrap it to make it look all festive and ambiguous.

Then take it over to a party where people took turns selecting from the mysterious packages.

They got labeled as masculine, feminine and neutral and no one was really meant to watch as people placed them together so it would be a complete surprise when they were opened.

Every guest had to bring a wrapped gift.

I didn’t have anything to regift.

So I just took in something the Stalker had but didn’t want.  When I told my mom this, she was surprised that I hadn’t regifted some of the socks, scarves and mittens.  She had definitely given me many.  I could have shared them with others but it hadn’t occurred to me.  The idea behind regifting usually is passing on things we got but did not like or will not use.

Possibly I could have spared giving away a scarf with a pair of gloves or two but I liked all of them.

I would never have given away the socks because I LOVE my socks.

So I had already worn them all.

In the end, my mother’s remark made me think.  Should we put an end to bad taste and be more mindful of that which we keep.  Do we really need so many artifacts to keep?  After all, I now I have 5 pairs of gloves and 3 scarves.

I’m not even going to count how many socks I own.

The only things I remember ever regifting anything its been something rather hideous for my tastes, never anything I felt I could not use.  Maybe it’s just me and I feel like I can use everything.

But does anyone do that?

Give away the extras?

And are regifting parties becoming more common as the younger generations accept it as a fact that what you don’t want will likely be appreciated by someone else… even if it’s for a laugh.


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