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A girl and her favorite hair products January 13, 2011

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As a bombshell, I make it my personal mission to find the right products that I love for my personal upkeep.  I would never describe myself as high maintenance but I would say that I am incredibly particular about what I consider to be a good product.

Believe me when I say that, despite my young years, I have tried A LOT of products.

Despite being the only girl amongst my siblings, I do have a single mom who does like to maintain her appearance.  In PR, I used to live right next door to my aunt and my grandmother… both of whom are big product hoarders.  So it can be said that even if I didn’t biy the products myself, I tried theirs.  Once I got to college, I happened to finally gain some really close girlfriends.  Again, we would trade and try products amongst us all the time.

Plus, being a girly girl, I would also get a lot of products as gifts.  Something people can’t do anymore because when it comes to cosmetics and skincare, I’m an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay.  Therefore, I have all those bases covered because I sell the products due to the immense love I have for them.  They work and are amazing.  So I stand by them.  It’s no surprise that now my friends and family also are hooked on Mary Kay for their skincare and cosmetic needs.

But the one thing I have found it the HARDEST to be satisfied with is my hair.  Mostly because every one of my friends and family has a different hair type than I do.  Most of them, due to our mixed Puerto Rican heritage, actually have very thick hair.  In the case of my mother and brothers, they have coarse and thick curly hair.  All of them keep it short, so it’s not really noticeable.  My hair, according to my mother, is the one good thing my father gave me.

It’s fine, wavy, pretty and manageable darkest of dark brown.

As chronicled across my blog on several occasions, my haircolor has alternated from my natural brunette to a deep auburn or red shade since I began to dye it my senior year in high school.  I’ve never had much trouble on that front since I have pretty much gotten the results I wanted whether I dyed it at home from a box or at my stylist.  (Although if anyone is curious as to which haircolor box I purchase, I tend to buy Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor in Rich Auburn Blonde/ Hot Tamale.  The color may be on the “blonde” spectrum and appear really light, but on my dark base color, it always comes out a rich sort of sable auburn which I very much like.)

So the REAL battle has always been on how to maintain my fine hair which tends to frizz more than it cooperates.

They said that frizziness has just as much to do with dry hair as it does with the humidity in the air.  So I would scramble to load my hair on all sorts of moisturizers and I can’t say I ever felt that any of them ever really did anything for my hair.

Since returning to red this time around, I knew I had to be smarter about how I moisturized my hair.  I bought two products, one a deep conditioner seal for color treated hair and another a twice a week light weight moisturizer for fine hair.  As I was using the latter product, I noticed immediately that the product felt different to me (yes, I notice these things.  I’m an ex-chemistry major.  I notice off things like this all the time).  It made me remember something I often have to tell my Mary Kay clients when it comes to moisturizing their face and the products they use around their eyes.

Yes, you have been using an all over facial moisturizer on your skin but it doesn’t quite seem to keep the area around your eyes supple and hydrated. You have to use different products to moisturize around your eye area because the pores around your eye are a lot SMALLER.  Products designed to target eye areas are made with smaller molecules so that they can enter better penetrate that area of skin.  It is also why you need to use less of the product.  That area is so often neglected that it is in desperate need of hydration.  Applying a little at time goes a long way.  Since the skin around eyes is finer, you don’t want the product getting in your eye.  This is a common complaint with women about trying new eye products because they don’t realize they are applying it too close to their eye.

So maybe all the products I had been using did not have the right molecules to really moisturize my fine hair the way it needs to be.  And since I relocated to Arkansas, I had been using the Stalker’s shampoo and conditioner.  I wasn’t happy with it but it was formulated for her type of hair as she has thick, abundant hair.

Here is where I say that having more time lately to watch TV has paid off.

I remembered seeing all the Pantene commercials for their new custom hair solutions line. That was also the brand the lightweight moisturizer I had purchased was from.  So maybe Pantene was truly onto something.

When I went shopping, I purchased a sizable bottle of both the Flat-to-Volume Fine Hair Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner.  (Hey, it was on sale at Target and the bombshell does love her them bargains.)  And I have to say, since I’ve been using it for the past week, I have never been more in love with my hair.

I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair before.

Aside from refreshing the color, all I really did was change my shampoo & conditioner.

Ain’t that something?

So I just knew I had to blog entry all about it.

Just so I can tell you how pretty my hair is.

Please note: Pantene did not contact the bombshell nor give her anything to write about their line of products.  I’m not really plugging the product but I am professing the wonderful benefits of working with your hair type to find the right product formulation for you.  The Pantene line is a nice place to start as they have a wonderful selection and easy to find product guide that will help you find the right things for you but a lot of other haircare lines have something somewhat similar.  So I encourage everyone is not entirely happy with their hair to stop wrestling with other products to get it to submit… but instead examine with what you wash and condition it with.


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