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What the girl reads online January 14, 2011

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There are some things that I enjoy reading as of late when I make my internet rounds.

I’m sure everyone has a set list of sites.

I don’t have a google site reader or anything like that.  These are just sites I enjoy frequenting to read what may be worth seeing.  After checking all my emails and twitter, the first places I go are to read webcomics.  Currently there are five that I like to follow for some time and have read through all of the archives:

Questionable Content

Something Positive

Order of the Stick

PhD Comics

Fuzzy Five

As I link them and go through them, only one of them actually updates daily on weekdays.  But I still check in because sometimes there are blog entries… and sometimes they just update unexpectedly.  I can’t remember exactly why I began reading each one of them… perhaps only can ascertain why I began reading order of the stick… but mostly they amuse me and make me wish I had a better talent of drawing.

Instead I limit myself to writing.

Aside from seeing those webcomics, I like browsing over the happenings at f* my life as well as the sites affiliated to People of Walmart. They make me giggle and perhaps indulge in some of my more evil ways of laughing at the stupidity of others.  Plus there are often no better ways to waste your time online than browsing through those sites.

You’re welcome.

But I also read along more serious sites.

There are the blogs of friends (if they remember to update).

Plus, I love to read Slate.

They have interesting series of articles that I sometimes mention on my blog.  The Clean Plate blog series is something I would like to point out as it seems to echo some very interesting things on people’s eating habits and what information we should possibly follow to make sense of it all.  It isn’t about losing weight, just being more aware of what we should or should not eat.  That and it’s hilarious to see the writer’s confusion on it all plus all the contradictory comments.  Currently she is asking people to create the perfect menu for the day that is both healthy and economical.  If it seems doable, she’ll eat it and write her thoughts on the matter.

I don’t think I would ever issue such a challenge but I might have to come up with something because I have an entire year of blog entries to write.  I’m not entirely sure I’ll have enough material to accomplish it.  But… I guess I will just keep reading and hoping it will inspire me to write something.

And y’all know my standby.

When all else fails…

I just post a picture of the kittycow


3 Responses to “What the girl reads online”

  1. Jose Troche Says:

    Yes! More pictures of the cow!

  2. gaintheday Says:


    two deranged housecats comic

    you’ll thank me later. Promise. 🙂

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