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The nicknames on the Bombshell blog January 16, 2011

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With a surge of new readers in my new location, many of whom have never met me before and therefore do not know the entire cavalcade of characters I am acquainted with, I thought I would make an easy reference of who is who on my blog.

For the most part, I try to keep the mention of real names at a minimal.  There is a veil of anonymity to blogging, even if the veil is completely see through and sheer.  Plus, after so many years of blogging, nicknames have just sort of developed.  I don’t know if some were intentional or accidental but whenever I write about people, these are the names that I usually use.

Let me see if my memory isn’t fading with age.

I’ll start off with the easiest.  I hope EVERYONE knows by now that when I refer to the bombshell, I really just mean ME.  I also refer to myself as leafy or just “a girl“.  Perhaps some of you have even noticed a pattern in the blog entry titles I use?


Then go look around some more until you see it.

My loyal sidekick is of course my cute Cow.  She is my adorable 6 year old calico whose real name is Baka-MU but who I just usually refer to as my kittycow.  Because I adore her and use her often as a blogging prop, she has an entire slew of posts written about her.

The most recent addition to the nicknames is my Mr. Land.  He is my boyfriend and, as of this entry, we’ve been involved for over 5 months now.  He started a blog recently and lives in Nashville, TN.  I will likely be relocating to Nashville once our relationship has taken the next step forward.

I will often refer to my little brother as the lil goblin or just my lil bro.  He doesn’t take kindly to being called a goblin but I’ve been calling him that since he was about 2yrs old and the nickname has stuck for the dozen years since.  Too bad.

My older brother isn’t often featured on my blog because he’s in the Army and stationed in S. Korea, where he took his family with him.  He does read religiously, however.  So he can often be seen commenting on entries under the name Joey or Fluke Airwalker.

Then I have a gorgeous and talented nephew of the age of 4 who has his own blog when his mother remembers to update it.  I don’t often blog about him either but he calls me his pretty auntie.

I’m telling you, that kid is genius!

Lastly, of the family nicknames, I have my sister in law, Luskca.  She is like a sister to me and I adore her to pieces.  Of my far-flung family in S. Korea, she is the one I talk to the most and constantly keep in contact.  This isn’t easy with 15hr time difference but we do try to make the best of it.

There is the Stalker who is the third component of the sisterly trio I have with Luskca.  We are an entity all unto ourselves since we’ve been friends for soon to be 8 years.  Time has taken us to many different places but we have managed to remain friends.  She is also the one who has taken me in now in Arkansas while I sort out my life.

I couldn’t ask for a better sisters from other mommas & misters.

Then there are my friends:

Scizor is my best guy friend.  We met and instantly gained a friend for life.  He also has been mentioned as my gay hubby… but we are now divorced on facebook.  That does not make him any less a presence in my life or on my blog.

There is lab rat #6, who really is my dear friend Amanda.  She chose her own nickname for my blog due to the whole makeover series we did on her a while back.

Then I have other members of my gay posse, a fluctuating number of guys who I met in college but are now seemingly scattered after the years.  We have Zarishi always bugging me for cookies and Gerry/AXOLOTL15 who pops in now and again to ransack comments all over my blog.

I’m sure I’m missing people.

But for the moment I think I’ve mentioned the people who make the biggest prominent mentions on my blog.  I’m sure these might change.  In fact, if you have read my blog entries from the beginning until now, the people I talk about and who inspire me to post have definitely changed.  Yet, I believe it all to be part of the blogging process.  There are greater influences on our lives and our style for a period of time and then life moves in a different direction.





2 Responses to “The nicknames on the Bombshell blog”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    “ransack”? lol interesting word choice.

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