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A girl who won the door prize January 17, 2011

Hope everyone is having a nice Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Don’t ask me why, but I thought today would be the perfect day to start off the week with a great series of entries.  As you all know, I have implicated myself in the self deluded notion that I can blog everyday for all of 2011.  This will take a lot of discipline and a whole lot of rambling.  But in between it all, I think I will be able to actually write about some pretty interesting things… especially when it comes to things that have actually been happening to me.

Like this!

Back on the first night I went out for ladies’ night with the Stalker’s friends in Fayetteville, we went to Hugo’s.  Afterwards we went to the Whole Living premier and showroom opening for Lauren Embree Jewelry.  It was very exciting because we actually got to meet the designer, Lauren, and admire all her pretty work.

And we all know the bombshell loves jewelry.

Especially things Martha recommends.

So it was that we got to see the article in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine where it showcased a trio of rings that Lauren had made.  The style behind Lauren’s line is that she find lovely vintage and antique jewelry, buttons and beads and makes them into glittering new versions of jewelry.  They are really quite modern and fun.  Her versions are bold and definitely the latest way to make green all that glitters.

Since it was her showroom premier, she had little slips of paper for entries into a drawing for prizes.  Of course the leafy one had to slip her name and email into the mix before chatting up the designer.  As it so happens, the Stalker has modeled for some of the jewelry and features in some of the cards and promos for Lauren.  We chatted up and we got to hear how Lauren had gotten tons of emails from potential customers because the Whole Living article.  The only problem being, as her pieces are so unique, the three rings featured in the article have long been sold.

It is a one woman orchestration, she can’t mass-produce things.

The funny thing is that she got into Whole Living because it is a publication for more conscientious buyers and upcycling vintage and antique jewelry is very in.  You would think people would realize this when they contacted her.  But apparently some people weren’t clued in and Lauren is hoping she can get them to look at other things she has available.  In fact, she also mentioned that she can rework jewelry or buttons or fun beads other people already own into something new and fabulous.  I thought that idea was very neat and it made me want to rethink all the mismatched earrings and jewelry I own to see if there is something there that she could work with.

Anyway, I mentioned my blog and mentioned writing a little piece on how I got to meet her and linking people over to her shop and her blog.  She was very excited about it and I was sure to have the Stalker pass over the link to my blog.  I would have written about all this sooner but then something happened.

The bombshell won a free set of earrings!

That’s right.  The ever lucky and fortunate bombshell was drawn as one of the winners of the door prizes at the premier.  At first, I had been writing a nice little entry but now I had something more to write about so I had to shuffle all my scheduled entries around until I could get the prize and show it off on my blog entry as well.

At next ladies’  night she gave me a pretty blue bag that included all this:


Wouldn't you know it? The Stalker was the model on the back of the business card!

Lauren told me that the earrings were made from vintage blue silk beads.  I just loved the color because I wear so much blue and knew this would be a killer combo with my renewed auburn tresses.  I also learned that blue is Lauren’s favorite color.  She also gave me $20 gift certificate for her shop as well as a very striking drop-shaped orange swirled glass bead.

Needless to say, the bombshell is very delighted by the prize.  So now I get to plug Lauren to my heart’s content.

So be sure you visit her shop and see what it is that Lauren does and what she may have in stock.

Visit her on Facebook & tell her you like her!

Or visit her blog to learn of upcoming events and giveaways.

Go and tell her she’s fabulous.

Because the bombshell told you to. 😉

PS: Despite what Martha’s Whole Living wrote, Lauren Embree and her wonderful talents are located in Fayetteville, Arkansas… not Lafayette, AR.  Thank you.  I just wanted to clarify this for her and all the potential readers.  🙂


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