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The official premier of Evil Genius Accessories January 18, 2011

I have made mention of the things to come on my blog and how I would be premiering this week what it was that I’ve been working so hard on.  Well, given how I’ve been working on them and scheduling out entries on my own blog, “this week” turned into “next week” but that’s okay.

Being a blogger and having my own blog to maintain, it’s been a bit of an experience trying to get everything straight and in order to be unveiled for everyone.  I’ve had to learn new ways to design a blog; ensuring that it is very different from my own.  I don’t want it to feel like the Evil Genius Plot is really just an extension of the Bombshell Within.  I wanted it to be it’s own entity and for it to stand on it’s own.  In order to do that, I sort of had to shuffle and contain all my ideas as the Bombshell in an orderly queue so I could get the business aspect just right for Evil Genius Accessories.

So I am happy to announce the following!

We premiered our Etsy shop!

It will contain the items already made & ready for sale.

We premiered our very own Facebook page!

We will keep pics updated & welcome hearing from our fans!

Itty & Bitty are now on Twitter!

The evil cackling abounds there.

And FINALLY the Evil Genius Accessories blog!

Where everything will come together in juicy mayhem!

As the Bitty part of the Itty & Bitty crafting elf equation, I’m really excited about this!  We’ve already gotten our first order for a commissioned item and hope to see many more in our future.  It has taken some time to get organized but I’m really happy to share it with everyone.

Please go on over and let us know what you think!

Buy or commission something if you’re feeling so inclined.


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