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A girl becoming Bitty January 19, 2011

Back in the early days of January, I mentioned how hard the Stalker & I had been working on our newest venture.  Yesterday, we were finally able to premier all the hard work we’ve been putting into it.  But one of the most fun things about working on the Evil Genius enterprise was the creation of Itty & Bitty themselves.

You see, the Stalker and I were cruising the aisles in Joann’s on the hunt for yarn and possibly some cute remnants that could be fashioned into stylish accessories when suddenly the word “Bitty” caught my eye.  We’ve been using our nicknames increasingly whenever we were on business related missions and to see my nickname on a box was eye-catching, to say the least.  I had to stop in my tracks and backstep a little to get a closer look.

Upon closer inspection, the box was for Bitty Bobble heads.  What could be more perfect than to create the literal mascots for our business?  The Stalker was not as convinced until she saw what the bobble head figurines were.

A puppy & a kitty.

How perfect was THAT?

I mean, I’m the quintessential cat person.  I have my kittycow that I love to pieces and I also seem to have the personality.  Then there is the Stalker with her two doggie children.  We just HAD to get the box since it would allow us to paint them up anyway we wanted the bobble heads.  It was the perfect crafting project.

The box came with the 2 bobble heads, a black marker, a little thingy of glue, 4 paint colors, a paintbrush, 2 lengths of ribbon and an assortment of colored bows.

Adding some of our own craft supplies, we were able to extend the paint colors as well as the assortment we had of permanent markers.  Funnily enough, we didn’t have any newspaper to cover our work surface like the box recommended.

So instead we used pages from Glamour magazine.

It was a good thing too because after well over an hour, we managed to make quite a mess.

But we each made our creations perfectly as we saw fit.

What a pair they make!

But I have to say that I probably got more fiendish glee out of making my bitty bobble head than the Stalker did.  I mean, I would seriously stop to cackle between every color change.  Can you blame me though?

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

And yes, I did make that little infinity scarf to put on Bitty.

Yes, I know how crazy that seems to put that much detail on her.

Its okay if you want to think I’m insane.

You should know that already by now.


2 Responses to “A girl becoming Bitty”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    I thought you guys had bought those figurines looking like that. Nice work!

    P.S. Is that a heart-shaped tramp stamp on Bitty? O.o

  2. Nope, scizor, we spent a couple hours of our time to get them to look that way. The box said 35mins of creativity time, but we were far more creative on them than the box suggested, I believe.

    And no, that isn’t a tramp stamp because its not centered middle back. More like she has a heart on one bum cheek :p

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