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A girl pondering spacing January 21, 2011

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I just learned last week that I’ve been wrong!

My entire existence feels like a lie.

I don’t know how I could possibly go on!

Should I relearn my ways?

Not bloody likely.

You see, I read this article about double spacing and realize that I have been an oblivious intentional delinquent of the double spacing non-rule.  I have ALWAYS double spaced with my writing.  I hate seeing my sentences written with just one space.  The only place I do not double space is when tweeting because I cannot spare my 140 characters with spaces.  A quick google search later and I have found many people asking the same question.

What is the proper spacing between sentences?

It is a known rule that you need to leave at least ONE space after a period.  I know some style manuals are all about the single spacing rule but I never encountered much about normal sentences.  I only ever used the style manuals when I had references and bibliographies to write for various essays and research papers.  Otherwise, unless following some specific writing example, I will ALWAYS double space between sentences.   Because… you may have noticed my writing style, I like to have spaces in unusual places.

Sometimes I’ll start over here…

Feel the thought progress over here…

And end it somewhere over here.

It’s just something I do.


I’m not really sure.  I think I just hate seeing words cluttered together in a clump for a paragraph.  For my blog, I like to think of it as more conversational.  Many people know me and have commented that my blog has very much the same tone that I use when speaking.

I do this very intentionally.

I’m sure if I really tried I could break myself of the double spacing habit. It would require a lot of backspacing though. My thumb automatically hits the space bar twice when I finish a sentence. This would require more of a conscious effort on my part. Plus a lot more key pressing. Like I said… I press the space bar twice automatically between sentences. I have to literally stop my train of thought to go back that one space and try saying my sentence. This ruins my train of thought.

And uck, I just did it right now.

I see that last paragraph and I want to go back and insert all those extra spaces.

I have to stop myself from doing it.  So I will just leave it as is and just keep double spacing.  I don’t think I will “correct” my typing ways.  I like the double spacing and since I no one but me writes on this blog… I don’t have to worry about someone going around correcting me.

Is this something people really notice?

Maybe it’s me but I’ve never paid close attention to spacing between sentences.  I don’t notice it in all the articles or blogs I read.

Had anyone noticed it on my blog and been just too polite to point it out?


One Response to “A girl pondering spacing”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Your writing has always seemed odd to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. THAT’S IT! It’s that double spacing!

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. Once I get past the 3rd or 4th sentence I stop noticing it, but now that you’ve pointed it out it will be harder to ignore. lol

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