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Restaurant Review: Ruth’s Chris January 22, 2011

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The one located on Pinnacle Hills Parkway in Rogers, AR.

Last week the Stalker and her beau were heading out to celebrate the birthday of a friend who will be one of the groomsmen for their wedding.  They had known about it for a few days and the bombshell did not wish to feel like an interloper on their friend time.  However, word has slowly but surely spread along the friend grapevine that they have had a guest with them for the past month and a half.  So an invitations was extended for me to join in the festivities.  I didn’t know where we were going and how to dress appropriately for the event, so I did what every modern bombshell does…

I googled Ruth’s Chris.

We oogled the menu and decided what cocktails seemed like the sort of thing we would want to drink.  The Stalker had decided she was going to enjoy the night and have a few drinks.  So would I, because she likes to decide this for me… much to the consternation of my Mr. Land.  But at least my Mr. Land had heard of the chain before and remarked that I should let him know what I thought of my evening out amongst friends of friends.  Going out for the night, I assumed that Ruth’s was rather much like a Longhorn’s Steakhouse type place.  The menu seemed to consist of the usual sort of fare by such establishments.

IE: There was lots of meat on the menu.

Of course, what should have tipped us off at just what sort of place Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is… was the fact that their online menu didn’t list any prices.  So we were in for a bit of sticker shock that the lowest costing entree was $22 (for the rest of the menu, add multiples of 5 until you hit maybe the $40 range, and I would say that was conservatively what the average entree cost) and that did not include the cost of the salad or side dish.  I won’t even get started on dessert, but maybe I should.. I do love dessert.

To be fair, there was a very decent value on the menu where, for either $39.99 or $49.99, you could get the choice of an entree from a selection of 4 or 6, a side and a smaller portioned dessert.  The Stalker and I shared a salad and the dessert of cheesecake with selection of berries.  But we chose different entrees.  She went for the stuffed chicken and I went for the BBQ shrimp (rather wisely, I’d say.. since it was the single entree that included mashed potatoes with the dish rather than making you select and purchase a side).

The funny thing of the night was that the wife to the groomsman whose birthday it was thanked everyone for coming out to the place and willingly pay such a price for their meal.  I don’t think the Stalker or her beau knew this when they agreed to go… nor do I think it would have entirely influenced their decision to attend the event.  I, however, would have happily stayed home.

However, I will say that for the price, Ruth’s Chris does deliver.  They have a very attentive staff which ensures that the wonderful selection is offered in just the right ways and your glass will never go empty.  They were prompt and offered a wide variety of food that would suit any taste.  The over all environment was refined and cozy, offering a nice dining space.  The decor was very elegant and I did enjoy the food.  I can’t say much for the company mostly because I didn’t know two thirds of the people there.  I would like to revisit Ruth’s Chris someday… perhaps on a more romantic but VERY special occasion (one that would warrant the cost of nearly $200 for a meal for two) with my Mr. Land.

I would like to make it clear that I didn’t consider the environment pretentious…. but perhaps a better forewarning for any future engagements at such a venue.



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