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A girl amongst the snow January 24, 2011

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Two weeks ago today we experienced the first measurable snowfall in the area since I’ve been in NW Arkansas.  I had heard there were flurried before I arrived and then, on Christmas Day, we had flurries but nothing ever seemed to really stick.  This was particularly funny to me since when I left Nashville, they have been pounded with more snow than they have been used to.  I like to think that I took the hotness with me when I left.

But, even the snowfall 2 weeks ago wasn’t much.  It was only about an inch of snow where I’m now living and I watched it all from the safety of the warm indoors.  The Stalker was far more psyched over it than I was because she got a snow day.

Actually, more like a hazardous driving condition day.

Which really equalled her not having to go to work

Since schools were closed in the area.

This past Thursday, however, the snow sort of snuck up on us overnight.  I was sleeping in until past 10am when suddenly my door was opened and I had a very excited Stalker in my room telling me about all the snow.

She wasn’t kidding.


The view out my window looked suddenly like this.

It looked quite impressive.  From all the excited chirping of the Stalker, I was able to ascertain that she wanted to venture out and play in the fluffy white snow.


So we bundled up real well and hit the outdoors.

I can’t tell you exactly how much snowfall we had…


But it was approximately that high.

Silly antics



did ensue.












But would you really have expected anything different?


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