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A girl getting a belated Xmas present January 25, 2011

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My beloved Mr. Land had car trouble the week right before Christmas.  This made it so that he could not come to visit me but pretty much took away his Christmas present money and then some.  It was a tough Christmas all around.  So, with much regret on his part, my Mr. Land had to be a few weeks late on his gifts.  But they arrived yesterday and I was delighted.

Not just because he sent me NINE pairs of socks!

I think he very much loves me.

To know to send me that many socks.

He got me the cutest watch with penguins. A special reminder of the Ice! show.

Not one but TWO books with crochet projects to assist with the Evil Genius Accessories line.

And a book which will be an amazing read on how to turn crafts into a business. PLUS a pack of super yummy "Just a little bit of everything on pretzels" pretzel sticks.

Now, those of you who know me, know that the bombshell gets emotional when getting gifts mailed to her.  I was touched when my mother sent me my Christmas gifts… so it goes without saying that I was downright teary eyed while I took out the veritable plethora of things my Mr. Land lovingly sent better late than never.

But then the sweet man made me actually cry.

Because there was one final thing in the box…

A CD he created for me filled with 16 of his favorite romantic tunes with the personalized label that was just so lovely, I could not help but cry… until I actually listened. And then I sniffled a little more.


Made me get in the Christmas spirit of love, joy and gifts all over again.

He also said that if he keeps this up, that I should expect my Valentine’s day gifts by September or something.  I told him no.  That Valentine’s day needs to make it before my birthday; my birthday before Easter and Easter some time before the 4th of July.

Mr. Land called me high maintenance.

But it’s not my fault the coolest holidays are in the beginning of the year.

Or, at least, all my favorite holidays are.


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