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A girl musing on couples January 26, 2011

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I read an article at some point in the past two weeks that said, when it comes to long lasting couples, opposites did not necessarily attract, despite how often we watch it happen in movies and on television.  Ever since then, I have found the thought turning over in my mind more often than I thought it would.  You see, I read a lot of random articles across the internet.  I start off on one site, but then I start pressing on related links and keep going on whatever sounds interesting.  I can’t tell you exactly where I read the article unless I chose to really dig through my history on my browser.

Considering how many pages I visit throughout the day…

it would be a nightmare.

I can’t even tell you what day I read the article on.

However, the person wrote on how it may appear on the surface that some couples may appear to be different but their similarities are actually more in quantity than their differences.  The longer a couple stays together, the more similar they become in their thinking.

It is like a relationship’s way of averaging each other out.

But do long term relationships consist of us seeking someone like ourselves?

So I decided to think on the relationships I have felt had the most potential.  It’s true that I could never be with anyone that was too dissimilar from myself.  The things we like as new and refreshing quickly became, for me, the very things I had a low tolerance for.  Hence, I have always had a very definitive idea of what I was seeking, on the principles and ideals I would or would not compromise on.  But at the same time, there was also a definitive idea in my mind that the person needed to complement me.  So that brings in that they need to be different enough from me that they could pick supply the pieces when I was lacking them.

But is it that way for everyone?

I’m curious to hear about it.

I’ve also heard that people look for someone that sort of looks like them too.  I doubt that’s true because I’ve always had a thing for men with light eyes and my own are as dark as they come.  Probably the only similarity, if you can call it that, is that they would have to be a bit plump too.  Everything else was pretty much relative to being different to myself.

Look in the mirror and tell me what you think.



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