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A girl getting her permit January 28, 2011

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As of yesterday afternoon, I am now officially permitted to drive in the state of Arkansas for instructional purposes as long as I have a driver over the age of 21 in the vehicle with me who has had their license for over a year.

Yup, I did it!

I finally got my learner’s permit on my first try here in Arkansas.  I spent all of yesterday afternoon taking online practice tests but I was feeling equally terrified and exhilarated.  When the Stalker got out of work, we headed up to Springdale to the testing center.  We arrived shortly after 4pm and it was quick work getting the paperwork filled out.

I actually think I flustered the officer.

He kept writing in the wrong information on the slip of paper.  First, he wrote me as Male instead of Female but immediately fixed it.  Meanwhile he was asking me what had brought me to PR and then what brought me to the state.  Then he wrote my birthday wrong.  Instead of my date of birth, he wrote the day the certificate was issued.  I politely pointed out the latter because he wasn’t quick to fix it.  So I giggled and joked “Guess I get a whole new identity here in Arkansas, huh?

The officer blushed a little and said “Sorry.  It’s been a long day.  But, you would be too beautiful to be a guy.  You have a gorgeous smile, by the way.  Seriously.  Just beautiful.

I thanked him for the compliment and made sure all the information was correct.  Then I was whisked away to a touch screen to take my test.  There were 25 questions and you needed to get 20 questions correct to pass the test.  When I reached and completed the 20th question, I got a little pop-up telling me Congratulations!  I had passed the test!  I was so very relieved, to say the least.

So I exited out and returned to the front desk.  The original officer came over to quietly inquire as to whether I passed the test.  I beamed and nodded that I had.  He seemed very pleased.  When I got to the second officer to notify my results, he asked me to re-sign the slip.  The first officer had re-written the whole thing for me.  I was still nervous so I was likely chattering a mile a minute to the gentleman.  But I was pleased because I had passed and told him that I had been so nervous but thought I was too old to be so nerve-wrecked.  However, I spent the afternoon practicing, just in case.  He told me that it definitely must have worked for me.  I then got the little slip of paper and was told that I could take the driving test in 30 days and good luck on my driving.

I gather the Stalker from the waiting room and we did our happy dance wiggle and jiggle on our way out.  She asked me as we were leaving if I wanted to drive us home.  I very emphatically told her NO!  The janitor overheard us and he started laughing so hard.  He said he had never heard anyone who had just passed the test say no to an offer to drive.  I looked at him and stated that I was terrified!  No way was I driving just yet!  We left amidst all our laughing.

So, there you have it!

It took me 24 years.

But now I’m allowed to drive.

Now comes the harder part… The bombshell now has to learn to actually drive a car.

This is going to be  disastrous interesting.



One Response to “A girl getting her permit”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    It’s OK, I failed the driving test twice before succeeding the third time. Just try to not get nervous on the test, and don’t be afraid to wait hours when you make a turn. Just make sure there are no cars in sight, because if you turn too early when there are cars coming (even if they’re miles away) you’ll instantly fail the test, which is what happened to me the first time.

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