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A girl on her first drive January 29, 2011

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So, after Thursday’s foray up to get my learner’s permit, the Stalker decided to be a good friend and sugar momma and took me out for the burger that I’d been craving.  To make it special, she took me somewhere that I had not been before: Burger Life.

You get a marker and select how you want your burger.

You then hand over your menu and they ring up your order.  There are pre-made burger combos and salads too.  I got the angus beef burger on a pretzel bun with avocado, pickles, caramelized onions, lettuce leaf, mayo and the homemade onion strings.

I had wanted to take a pic of my burger. But I was hungry. By the time I remembered, I'd already devoured its yumminess.

The Stalker and I shared a chocolate milkshake and it was very tasty overall.  It hit the burger craving spot and the onion strings were tasty too.  Just wish they have fried them a little bit more golden.  They were difficult to eat.  Well… not really difficult, just impossible to eat in any ladylike way.  Luckily, I don’t have to try to be ladylike with the Stalker.

But I should have known that the Stalker had just been trying to lull me into a false sense of security.  No sooner had we finished that she declared that I would be driving us home.  The majority of rush hour traffic would have passed and we weren’t that far off.  Despite some pouting and whining, the bombshell was forced behind the wheel.  It was a sink or swim sort of moment.  Pulling out took a while since I had to figure out how best to set the mirrors for me to see.  Plus I needed to figure out how the wheel turned when one reverses a vehicle.

Talk about nerve-wrecking!

But I managed to turn us out of the Burger Life parking lot and into the larger parking lot for one of the local movie theaters.  Luckily, there was no one else around so it didn’t matter that I was technically on the wrong side of where I was supposed to be driving.  Then came the hard part.  I had to turn out of the parking lot and onto a main street.  I lucked out and there was not a lot of oncoming traffic.  I wasn’t too bad at turning.

I was so good at in, in fact, that I turned the car all the way onto the sidewalk.

Fortunately, neither the Stalker or I panicked.  I managed to get back on the passageway and off the sidewalk.  Then I managed to drive along the lane and came to a good stop at 3 different stoplights.  I even managed a few more turns when we reached the neighborhood in which we reside and got us all the way home!  I didn’t have the courage to park the car in the garage, though I likely could have tried it.  But I think my nerves were frayed enough and I let the Stalker maneuver her car into the final little stretch.

Overall, aside from the first oops, I think I managed to keep things nice and smooth.  I managed to keep fairly close to the speed limit and turning isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was.  I’m still not sure just when it is that I should begin turning.  I think more practice is required.

I just have to remember to take some Aleve before we go.

And some towels for the sweating.

And maybe some air sick bags for when I get out of the car.


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