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A girl getting some Slim Chickens January 30, 2011

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So, I try to get as wide a view of Fayetteville as I can.  I’ve been around to some of the more frequented places and am trying to get a good sampling of the places that favorite eating places for the Stalker now that she is here.  We mostly grab a burrito or double-decker from Taco Bell whenever we feel kinda hungry for a bit of a snack while we are out and about doing errands.  But yesterday, as we set off for some quick errands before my second driving lesson, I was specific in that I wanted to eat somewhere different today.

After some thought, the Stalker decided that the best place to show me would be…

Slim Chickens.

I was pretty impressed with the place.  The menu was varied, the price reasonable and the portions substantial.  From the look of those who seem to most go to Slim Chickens, it was a mostly male crowd who stopped in bunches to eat.  The Stalker and I seemed a little out of place as two girls stopping in.  It might be the time of day or perhaps it’s a trend.  Either way, the staff I saw of who worked there were all female.

My Stalker reminded me to take a picture before I'd devoured most of my food.

I got the chicken tender basket which comes with fries and some texas toast.  Since I got to choose the dipping sauce, I decided to try the Slim’s Sauce and then proceeded to try and figure out what was in it for the rest of the meal.  From all my tasting of it on everything from my chicken to my toast to my fries, it seems to be like a peppered thousand island/french dressing type sauce.  Very delicious.  I liked it a lot.    The Stalker got the Buffalo wrap which came with fries.  We both got Dr. Pepper.

From what I can tell, Slim Chickens is located in some select northwest Arkansas cities and a couple in Oklahoma.  Think they will be opening a second place here in Fayetteville.  So I’m very happy in our choice for a meal.


One Response to “A girl getting some Slim Chickens”

  1. aixaster Says:

    I still think its interesting to know one of the owners has a son where I work. I will forever associate him with Slim Chickens!

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