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A girl on her second drive January 31, 2011

This time the Stalker took some kindness upon the bombshell and did not toss her out into weekend traffic on Saturday’s driving lesson.  To take it easy and practice making turns in a more smooth and efficient manner, she just had me drive around the neighborhood.  At first I was a little tensed up but by the second turn around the culs-de-sac, I have to say that I was beginning to get the hang of it.  I was able to be more smooth in turning the wheel and gauging when I had to begin compensating in turning it back.

Best of all…

I did not end up on the sidewalk!

Not even once.

So I was pretty proud of myself by the time we got done.  I just need to be better at how quickly I press on the gas or break.  I seem to not estimate well enough just how lightly I need to press either pedal initially and the  Stalker believes she will be suffering from whiplash by the time I finally learn how to drive properly.

Anyway, I really just wanted to gush over how much better I feel about driving.  I think the terror will slowly subside and I will get the maneuvers just right.  Just have to get used to being the one behind the wheel.  But if I left it at that, this entry would be woefully short.  I can’t begin to run out of material to blog about.  After all, I’ll only have been completing my first month of post-a-day 2011.  I know I can blog daily for at least 2 or three months.  Perhaps I’ve done it in the past.

Or at least, I’ve deluded myself into believing that I have.

Either way, I figure that I would perhaps help out future drivers in the state of Arkansas out.  For those of us who have had to learn outside of high school, it can be a little confusing as to where exactly to look up for the information.  It isn’t clear and most of the sites look nothing like what I expected them to.  In fact, the driver’s permit manual for Arkansas looks NOTHING like the manual I had been reading over in Puerto Rico.

But it’s all relatively easy, for taking either of the tests, you have to actually head to the Arkansas State Police Troop closest in your county.  On their site you will find the latest manuals.  For example, I had to go to Troop L over in Springdale to take the written exam.

Then, as for great FREE online tests, I tried it out with this one.  It was the only one I found that did more than just 20 questions and led you around through signs and other pertinent information.  If you finish all of them, they let you try out other ones, even a timed one.  So it’s truly the best one I found even though it is centered more of young new drivers.  Still, the information is still close to what actually came on the test.

I have yet to try and look up what will come on the actual driving test but I have about a month to figure it out.  If all else fails, I will likely just call up Troop L and ask.  They were ever so nice when providing information and directions.  Plus Officer Cordova was extra sweet.  😉


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