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A girl having read on mythology February 2, 2011

Between all the crocheting, I do occasionally have time to do other things.  While the Stalker and I do not necessarily have the same tastes in reading, we actually have coincided on reading the Percy Jackson Series.

I read the first three of this series in Puerto Rico.  The first book was purchased after we had seen the movie and we actually hadn’t heard of the series before.  The Stalker and scizor knew about it and they both were very much looking forward to the movie.  I only saw the movie with the family because we had been having a rare family outing and wanted to see a movie but there really wasn’t much in the theaters that we cared to see.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but by the end of the movie, I wondered why I had not read the books.  After all, I’m a big fan of greek mythology.  It seemed like something I would like.

Later, I remember reading an article online about a father who had been searching for a new series to keep his daughter occupied with now that Harry Potter had reached it’s end.  He said that the Percy Jackson series was not as lengthy but it was an entertaining substitute.  His daughter liked the books a lot more than he did.  I can’t remember what reasons he gave for not liking it.

Anyway, so I read the first book and it was very interesting to see how different it was to the movie.  How different they were didn’t occur to me until after I had read all the books and saw the movie recently.  I have to say that the movie was a terrible adaptation!  There was no room for it to really expand on the series of books and I think the writers did it intentionally, not expecting it to become more on screen.  There is no way to play out the rest of the books in movie form given how much was left out of the movie that sets the groundwork for the rest of the series.

I read books two and three in the series last year over the week of my lil bro’s graduation.  I also read the last Sookie Stackhouse book that weekend in between them since it had just been released.  Scizor had passed the series to me for my mom’s e-reader a couple months ago and I never got around to reading the last 2 I was missing.  Luckily, the Stalker had them and I made quick work of reading them.  So far, I would have to say the second book is my favorite… and I can’t entirely explain why.  I might have to re-read them all again but just not yet.

What I was really excited to learn is that Rick Riordan, the author of this series, is continuing the world he created with Percy Jackson in a continuation series: Heroes of Olympus.  I read this one on the Stalker’s e-reader and the second book of this series will be coming out this fall.  I can’t wait!  The series promises to be a lot more interesting than the first and I look forward to seeing how Riordan writes it all out.  It’s a pretty smart move… to create a second series with a new set of characters while still incorporating the old ones.

After all, greek mythology was the basis for roman mythology.


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