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A girl built a snowman February 4, 2011

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Even though it appears that posts that feature me in the snowy wonderland that has become Fayetteville are not very popular entries on my blog, we’ve basically been snowed in for the past 3 days.  We were lucky to hit the supermarket on Monday when we did because the shelves were looking a little bare.  We got one of the few last packages of eggs, bread and bagels because we had gone early after the Stalker got home from work.  I think had we arrived half an hour later, we would not have faired as well.

All I could think about though…

Was had it been PR & it was some hurricane warning…

The shelves that would have been empty would have been the ones with the crackers, salchichas and chef boyardee.

We could have avoided the mess but we were seriously low on groceries.  There was not an ounce of cheese in the house!  While the Stalker’s fiancee could happily live off pizza rolls for the cold spell, we would not stand for it.   So we went about collecting the necessities we would have bought anyways had there not been a big nasty snow/ice storm heading our way even though people were saying that there was expected to be no passable roads in the state of Arkansas by that same time the next day.

During the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday I could hear the rain as it pelted against my window.  I wasn’t really awake but I heard it in a faraway sort of way.  It came to a huge shock to me that, when I opened my curtains when I deemed it the right hour to crawl out of my warm bed, I was shocked to see several inches of snow!  There appeared to be about as much snowfall as the last snowday we had and it was STILL snowing in big fluffy flakes.  The sky was so dark that I could not see past the line of houses in front.  There was maybe a half a block visibility.

It took some courage, but after we had feasted on a breakfast of homemade waffles, the Stalker and I decided we might venture out.  We didn’t want to get all cold and wet throwing snowballs at one another.  Instead, we deemed it right that we try out hand at snowman making.

The snow was still kinda fluffy, so he did not come out as high as we wanted. He still reached about hip height.


We spent so much time sloshing about, covered for everything but our eyeballs, and having to battle the ongoing snow to complete our creation.  It was clear we needed to head back inside when our own double layer of gloves were caked in ice from the wetness of the snow.  We also were beginning to lose feeling in our chilly tingling toes.

It took about half an hour in front of the fireplace to feel fully defrosted.

The following day was actually meant to be even colder.  So we knew we had no hope of getting out from under the thorough blanketing of snow.  I decided that I needed to be sure I was bundled up inside.

So I crocheted myself a pair of fingerless gloves to wear indoors. I also wear the scarf the Stalker made for me as a gift when I came stateside.

It may seem like a bit much… but I have to say that along with long sleeved tops and long pj bottoms and socks, I am actually not feeling too chilly.


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