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A girl playing musical letters February 7, 2011

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On the freezer door of the Stalker’s fridge, there are magnetic letters.  For the longest time, “AIXA ROCKS” has been written across it.  We’re not sure who exactly started the game, precisely, and for the longest time we weren’t sure who the players of the game were… but slowly words began to appear underneath.

The bombshell will admit to being one of the game players.

The unspoken rule of the game were simple… “Aixa rocks” what? Your what?

It was on!

For a week different words would be set underneath.  We went for “your junk” and “your stuff” to “your peg leg”.  The letters are limited so we’ve definitely had to be creative.  There was a time when Aixa rocks “your beef” and “your stew”.

The funniest part is that Aixa aka the Stalker…

wasn’t even aware that a game was going on.

She asked her beau why he kept changing the words on the fridge.  He was shocked.  He could have sworn that she was the other player to the musical letter game.  It then dawned on him that there was a third person in the house who had a silly sense of humor about the letter game that would change it while everyone was at work.

From then on… it’s been officially ON.

What's currently up on the freezer at the time of writing this entry.

The Stalker thinks the game can only really be played by myself and her fiance since it would be terribly self serving of her to tell us what she rocks.  Still, I think she will be the wildcard one day.  The game is just as much figuring out who is the culprit of a certain word phrase for the day as it is about the hilarity of the word grouping.  Another unspoken rule is that the word reigns over the fridge for about a day before the next choice is made.

What else will we come up with?

Only time will tell.

I’m already plotting what to change it all to.


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