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Movie Review: Star Trek February 9, 2011

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Yesterday I had intended to blog about this movie but got sort of sidetracked by the whole deja-vu thing.  I could have gotten around to talking about Star Trek but I thought I would just ramble for a rare occasion and instead make a whole new entry about this movie.  It deserves to stand alone.

Or maybe I just wanted material for a whole other day.

Anyway… Star Trek!

My Mr. Land was actually very surprised that I saw this movie in theaters when it first came out.  But I did.  I remember that I was actually pretty excited to see it.  Many people don’t realize that, while I am not a conventional trekkie, I actually loved the Star Trek: Enterprise series.  I’ve seen ever single episode.  Some a couple dozen times.  And it’s not just because I have unrequited lust for Scott Bakula.  That’s just a bonus.

So, even while I was really excited to see the movie, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to like the movie.  I remember worrying that it would either cater to the new generation of people not exposed to Star Trek or possibly they could have gone the other way and catered to just the Trekkies.  I think this movie balances both those crowds beautifully.  You see, it plays out an alternate universe of James T. Kirk and how he comes to take command of Enterprise.  The spin is definitely fresh but it gives countless nods to the original series that makes it hilarious to watch.

I knew I needed to see this movie on the big screen and was really glad that I did.  It’s not super heavy on the special effects but what it does have merited seeing it up that big with surround sound.  Plus… seeing the ever hunky Chris Pine with those blazing blue eyes is SO worth it.

Anybody notice yet I have a thing for men with light eyes?


Maybe it’s not a noticeable trend but it is the truth.  My Mr. Land has very hunky blue eyes that make me want to melt.

Wait… sorry…

I got distracted.

So… Star Trek!

Everyone I know loves the movie and willingly watch it again and again.  I don’t know what standard trekkies feel about the movie but I can only hope they use it to launch into another movie before we forget how awesome this one was.



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