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Restaurant Review: La Hacienda February 12, 2011

located in Corner Plaza on Crossover Road and Zion Road in Fayetteville, AR.


On Monday, I had a job interview.  Since Luskca loves me and there were still remnants of snow from last week, she sent me the money so I could make it to my interview via cab.  Due to the same snow and hazardous driving conditions, when I called to be picked up, I was in for a bit of a wait.  Given that I didn’t want to hang around in the center that I interviewed in, I went walking to a small shopping center that was just a few buildings over.  I wasn’t sure what I would find there, but I had been hoping for somewhere warm that possibly I could grab a quick meal while I waited.  What I found was a mexican restaurant.

There weren’t many people around but it was an odd hour of the afternoon.  Not many people are out having lunch at a quarter to 2 on a Monday afternoon.  But, I happened to be there and there was a wonderfully wide view for me to keep an eye on my taxi, should it arrive sooner than scheduled.

Complimentary chips and 3 types of salsa

I surprised the waitress by speaking Spanish to her.  I don’t often do this, but it entertains me to keep the wait staff guessing.  Much like in PR when I would speak only in English to the waiters at Denny’s.  So it seems that at restaurants here, it’s customary to provide a basket with tortilla chips and salsa.  Different to another restaurant I went to, this one offered 3 different types.  One I could recognize as a regular salsa, which I very much enjoyed, a green chile type salsa and a slightly spicier red salsa.

Chimichanga plate

I ordered off their lunch menu where I saw their prices were very reasonable.  Their portions were generous as well and everything tasted fresh.  I have to say I was a huge fan of the white cheese sauce over my chimichanga.  I wish I could have asked for a bowl full of that for what was left of my tortilla chips!

Overall, I found the menu to be varied and concise, the wait staff very friendly and attentive and the environment bright and inviting.  I finished up my meal for one and after paying, I had intended to wait outside until my taxi arrived.  But, as the day was so very chilly, the waitress peeked out after 5minutes and invited me to wait inside where I could remain warm.  I was very grateful for the gesture.

Considering I got the job, I’m quite happy that I have this place nearby.


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