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A girl musing about Good reads February 13, 2011

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It always happens.

Someone in my group of friends finds a site that they like and within a month almost everyone in our circle of friends is a member.  We tend to do things in groups.

It’s how I did NaNoWriMo that one year…

Though it was more like a pair….

Than a group.

I remember it happened with Twitter…

though most felt they didn’t get the point of it…

but invariably all now tweet daily.

I’m trying to remember if its what happened with Facebook….

But I believe I joined it because I was on student council.

So that’s a group of a different kind.

And now, thanks to scizor, a group of us are all on GoodReads.

The premise of the site is simple.  You make a profile and start finding all the different books you’ve ever read.  Searching for them is very easy.  You can either find them by author, book title or even genre.  Then you click a rating based on how much you enjoyed reading the book.  You can even write out a little spiel as to your full thoughts and opinions of the story itself.  If you give too much away and reveal spoilers, there’s even a little checkbox you can click so that the preview can be hidden so no one gets a spoiler unless they want it.

But that’s not all!

You can also click on books that you want to read or are currently reading.  Along with these features, it’s a social networking type site.  So that means that all your friends join up and you can see what they’ve read, what they’ve thought about it and you can compare reviews.  Plus, it even calculates how much you have in common with your friends based on these statistics and the respective ratings you’ve given on the books you’ve read/want to read in common.

The bombshell being who she is… it was very much a challenge accepted.

I spent days trying to remember as many books as I could off the top of my head just for the mere notion of being the one of all my friends with the most books read.  This wasn’t hard to do.  I’ve read hundreds of romance novels.  I stopped when I saw I was reaching nearly 400 books.  There is no doubt that I’ve read more… but the problem with having read so many romance novels is that I can’t remember either the title or the author.  Many romance novels have similar titles and every main romance novel writer seems to have a quota when it comes to writing books titled “Mercy” or “Saving Grace” or “Always” or “Forever”.  Considering the majority that I have read are historical romances, a vast majority have those titles plus a combination of the added bits of Lady/ Rake/ Duke/ Duchess/ Marquis/ insert random official sounding title here.

There is no doubt in my mind that something will jog my memory and I will be able to add more to my list of books read.  It will just be a slower process.  Instead I just have to focus on the books I plan to read.  Lately I haven’t been reading as much but then again, I don’t have the big flow of romance novels as I used to.  My mom and aunt would purchase books and we’d swap our purchases between us with ease.  That’s mostly how I got my hands on so many books, even though their tastes seem to tend towards more Scottish historical romances.  I favor the British Regeancy ones.

All the same, I find the use of Good Reads to be an interesting one.  If you don’t have much reading in common with friends, you can always find other groups who share your reading interests.  There are book clubs and the like that discuss their reading selections on the site.  I haven’t tried that yet but I hope to look into it when I can get around to reading more again.

If anyone is on the site and doesn’t have me as their friend, feel free to add me.  My name is “Bombshell”.

Happy Reading, everyone.





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