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The game has evolved February 16, 2011

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Today I know that my blog entry will be made rather later than it has so far anytime so far this year.  I intended to blog last night and get at least an entry or two typed out to finish my week out until I hit the weekend.  However, I was just plum tired when I got home.  I had gone on my third drive and had been learning the many perils of parking.  I did very well and will improve technique over time.  By the time we decided that it was enough parking practice for the day, I was down to only hitting one imaginary parked car instead of 4 or 5.

But then I got to drive us from the NorthWest Arkansas Mall to the supermarket and then from the supermarket home.  I did not land us on any sidewalks or in any ditches.  So of course this was very impressive in and of itself.  But, the drive was not straightforward.  I had to switch lanes and turn left and merge into rush hour traffic.  My driving was almost flawless and it seemed like I blended right in with the crazies during rush hour.  So I’m glad to know that my driving skills have not become dull by the many snow days we had to endure.  I know the Stalker loves and trust me.

However not enough to trust her car to me under those conditions.

Who can blame her?

What makes blogging this week a little difficult is that my week is filled with interesting work related things.  Considering I spent Monday signing away my soul in contracts and confidentiality agreements, I’m reluctant to put anything up on my blog.  I take my job seriously and wish to maintain a very professional attitude when it comes to the work I’ll be doing.  So while my job will likely be very interesting and create for many great stories, I do not feel that these would be appropriate for my blog.

I just won’t go there.

I hope y’all can respect that.

But those who have followed my blog along over the years know that I’m fairly tight-lipped (or, since I type it up, tight-fingered) about things such as these… so y’all can’t be entirely surprised that I shall adopt this attitude when it comes to my new job.

It has nothing to do with the $50,000 fine I could get slapped with

And job termination should someone deem my writing unsuitable.

Maybe just a little.

But the bombshell does NOT have that kind of money to throw away… even if she does need material for every day of this year.

So, just wanted to let everyone know that I’m fine and healthy.  I know my last blog entry seemed like a little bummer but you know I like to keep things honest around here.  We’re all allowed a little self pity and, when I wrote that, I was have a full on pity parade.

It happens.

Then we move on.

I’m kinda still tired today… so I will just try to type this up real quick so I can get down another entry or 3 before I have to get dinner started.

I will leave you with this little tidbit.

Current message on the fridge

Not the most wholesome message to have in the kitchen but it’s what the letter game has evolved into.  Yesterday’s was “AIXA HATES UR LOLZ”.  I had meant to take a pic of my message then but… I was tired and forgot.  Someone got to the fridge and put up this incarnation.  Now, if you will remember what I said about the game last time.  Since I last wrote about it, the AIXA ROCKS portion has changed.  The only constant seems to be the name.  Everything else has been up for grabs when it comes to creating lettered messages.

This will prove to be very interesting.

To say the least.



One Response to “The game has evolved”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    Congrats on landing that job!! 😀

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