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A girl musing on necessities February 17, 2011

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The Stalker asked me yesterday when I told her what it was that I was considering getting myself for my birthday if I was already planning on what I wanted to buy with the money from my first paycheck.  I told her that I hadn’t been plotting on spending it.  I do want to try to save as much of it as possible but I do want to be able to have enough to cover what I need and may want.

Something that I miss about having my own money is being able to buy yourself the little things.  Like, I missed being able to randomly buy myself a pretty nail polish color to perk up my mood as I often do when I’m melancholy.  I miss being able to buy myself flowers at the market to see on the table when I type.  I miss buying myself a milky way bar to savor slowly.  For the past months, I have been rationing out what little money I had saved since I left PR plus whatever money I’ve gotten in the form of gifts over the holidays.  It has not been much, but with it I had been able to get myself a semi-decent winter wardrobe from Old Navy and keep my cell-phone bill paid for 4 months.  Not to mention I got myself enough hair-dye to retouch my roots twice and some shipping for the trinkety sort of gifts I have gotten for my family or my Mr. Land over the past few months.

Like I said, I have been very miserly with my spending but I try not to spend anything if I’m not sure that I’ll have some money coming in.  When it comes to staying fed and my cow being cared for, I’ve had to depend on my Mr. Land when I was in Nashville… and the Stalker and her beau while I’ve been here in Fayetteville.  I know that have not denied me anything and really kept me well provided perhaps for some moments a little beyond their means.  I love and adore them for this and I can never say how grateful I fully am.

Now with a job that promises to be a stable one for the next 90 days and over, it makes things a little easier and I don’t have to feel so bad about spending what little money I may have on hand because I will have a steady flow coming in.  But it still raises the question as to what will I consider a necessity to spend my money on and how much should I try to be saving as my ultimate goal?

I’m sure with time I can agree on an amount to help to pay for rent and utilities.  It will be a given that I will chip in a fair share for groceries and entertainment when we go out.  Being the maid of honor in the Stalker’s wedding, there are also the expenses that will go with that.  So, what do other people consider necessities?  How much does everyone else try to set aside to cover their needs versus their wants?

I was very amused to be reminded of something my mother always says.  She says that one need not worry about food too much when one just has a jar of peanut butter.  Now, I will admit that her saying has more to do with being in a new place with strange foods.  She thinks peanut butter is the save-all for traveling and staying fed despite exotic or hazardous foods.  Still, in a sense I think this might apply to some economy as well.

So if I got this 4lb tub of peanut butter... how many meals do you think I could get out of it?


One Response to “A girl musing on necessities”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Holy crap! That’s a lot of peanut butter! :O

    Knowing you, I give it a month, tops. =P

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