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A girl beginning the countdown February 18, 2011

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Now, the bombshell can’t say she’s very fond of her birthday.  I don’t know very many people who are.  But I’m trying to be better when it comes to the different holidays and the like.  However, something I always like to do it start counting down the days until it’s my birthday.  I try not to start too soon.  I know that some people don’t need to be bothered by it.

However, today makes it EXACTLY one month before my birthday.

For those who have birthdays in March, we know the beauty of having been so fortunate to be born that month.  You see, when we say it’s a month until our birthday, most people assume that it’s a mere 30/31 days away.  But for those of us born in March, it’s only 28 days!

Which means we have to wait less for the days that are a celebration of our cosmic awesomeness for being on this planet.  So, to celebrate my cosmic awesomeness, I’m hoping to not have to work that day.  I do know that my birthday is a Friday and a pay day.  That means my cosmic awesomeness is already being recognized.

And because I am so awesome, I will help people out with what can be an appropriate gift for this bombshell.  I know that I’m far away from everyone and that I’m allegedly notoriously hard to buy for.  So for some this may be helpful and/or useful.  Now that I’m no longer in PR, I don’t know who would be the person to be the keeper of my gift suggestion list.  But, just in case, I will post it here so that it’s easier to reference.

Socks are always appreciated & loved & needed & loved & wanted.

I’m stateside, so can I haz squishable now?

Angora cashmere wrist warmers, the blackberry ones look yummy.

I’m not too snobby to appreciate some monies.

These tights are super cute.. as are these fishnets.

I’ve seen many pretty dresses.

But maybe I don’t need to suggest it further what I might like?

If anyone needs my stateside address, let me know.  Some of the sites listed, like Sock Dreams, offers free shipping to any domestic address.  That is always a bonus because what people would have spent on shipping, they can spend on just one more pair of socks!

If anyone needs a little hint on sizes, just let me know and I will float that their way too.  Just to be sure that I get the right something pretty.

I always get a gift for myself, so I’m considering getting myself a GPS navigation system.  I think that will help me branch out better to drive on my own.  Either that or maybe a digital camera.  Unless someone loves me enough to spend that much money on me.  But I likely won’t buy it for myself until after I’m done receiving all outside gifts.

Nothing is set in stone and for those who know me can attest to the fact that I’m happy with whatever gift I may get.  I do hope I have helped some people come up with a sure-fire thing to make me cry in delight.  You can keep things a secret from me, but be sure you talk amongst yourselves so that I don’t end up with multiples.


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